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Best Garage Dehumidifiers in 2021: Our 5 Top Picks Reviewed

Best Garage Dehumidifiers in 2021: Our 5 Top Picks Reviewed

Whatever your reason for looking at the best garage dehumidifiers, this article is for you.

Have you ever thought of the risk of fungus, mold and mildew growth in your garage?  Left untreated, this leads to an accelerated rusting process of metal.  So, this can be harmful for a vehicle, if your cars are kept in your garage.

For this reason, we’ve compiled 5 of the best garage dehumidifiers for you to keep your vehicle in mint condition.  Not only your car, think of all the tools and other gadgets you have stored in your garage.

For those of you in a rush, here’s our #1 recommendation right now, for a large-ish area.  The TOSOT 4,500 sq ft dehumidifier is affordable, energy-saving and provides exceptional performance!

Best Dehumidifiers for Your Garage

At a glance:

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TOSOT 4,500 sq ft Dehumidifier: Best Overall Garage Dehumidifiers

overall best garage dehumidifier

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TOSOT is one of the leading & top-notch manufacturers of air conditioners and dehumidifiers. It is a trusted, reliable brand that ensures quality performance in its products.

With a 4,500 sq ft coverage area, the TOSOT dehumidifier tops our list of the best garage dehumidifiers for larger spaces. With the 50-pint extraction rate it provides this unit is ideal for drawing moisture from a large area.

However, we would’ve preferred that TOSOT kept its original rating of 70 pints in its previous model for an even larger capacity and extraction rate.

Drawback aside, we love the continuous drain option, Energy Star rating, and quiet operation it provides. The unit operates at a peak level of 50 decibels so is perfect for the bathroom, bedroom or basement.

To use other dehumidifiers in your garage, you may need to empty the water out of the bucket regularly. However, with an internal pump you can set the machine to automatically kick in when the bucket is almost full. This means there is no downtime when using the machine due to the bucket being full. Just spend a little extra for a hose and assign an area for where the hose will run into.

If you buy the model under this one, there is no pump included and you will have to manually drain the bucket. We recommend you keep a reminder if using this method to prevent damaging your dehumidifier long term.

Thanks to its Energy Star rating, not only is it efficient, but it also helps save on electricity costs. Think about it. With garage dehumidifiers often running 24 hours a day it can add a hefty cost to your utility bill.


Design-wise, the TOSOT garage dehumidifiers come with easy to set and operate electronic controls. Choose a target humidity level and the unit will switch off once that level is reached.

For continuous use regardless of the humidity level, that is also easy to set. The machine will run until the bucket collecting the water is full – which is never if you have the unit with internal pump.

TOSOT dehumidifiers for garage and home include easy-to-clean filters and a light indicator to signify when they need cleaning.

With 250 hours of continuous use before cleaning is recommended, they truly are efficient dehumidifiers. Furthermore, its power outage restart feature is a lifesaver in the event of any electrical interruption or blackout.

Once the power comes back, your humidity settings will remain the same.


  • Covers 4,500 square feet
  • Easy operation and setup
  • 50 pints extraction rate
  • Continuous drain option
  • Easy to clean
  • Energy Star rating
  • Power outage restart feature
  • Operates at 51 dB


  • You have to spend extra on the hose

Ivation 4,500 sq ft Dehumidifier: Best Value Dehumidifiers for Garage

dehumidifier for garage

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You’ll have to pay a little extra to get your hands on one of the Ivation 4,500 square feet garage dehumidifiers. However, we promise the most value in return for your money.

With a performance of 70 pints per day, it deserves to be in our list of garage dehumidifiers for the largest areas. The lowest measure a dehumidifier can store is 30 pints, while 70 pints are rated as the highest performance. (Note here that the Department of Energy standards means this is classified as a 50 pint, even though it holds 70 pints – go figure!!)

You might think that high-performing dehumidifiers would also spell trouble for utility costs. However, this 70-pint dehumidifier comes with an Energy Star rating for practical and energy-saving operation.

The Ivation 4,500 sq ft garage dehumidifiers come with a filtration system. Not only does this boost air quality by enhancing the filtration of mildew & allergens, it is also very effective at removing moisture.


Just like the TOSOT dehumidifier, Ivation also provides a continuous drain option. This nifty machine includes a pump so you don’t have to spend extra, and can remove moisture easily out of your garage.

Even if you wanted to drain the water bucket manually, Ivation made sure to include a 2.25-gallon water tank. This means you don’t have to drain the water frequently.

Last but not least, the variety of features offered is truly where Ivation shines. It comes with an auto-defrost feature and LED display for controlling fan speed and humidity levels. It will even let you know when the filter needs to be changed.

At under $300, you get high-quality performance, a large coverage area and a wide range of features. We consider the Ivation 4,500 square foot garage dehumidifiers to be a steal for the price.


  • Great price value
  • 70 pints extraction rate
  • Energy Star rating
  • Filtration system for enhanced air quality
  • Large water tank capacity
  • Auto-defrost feature
  • Continuous drain operation
  • Easy operation
  • Auto shut-off and re-start


  • Power cord is quite short

Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier: Best Budget Pick

best budget garage dehumidifiers

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For a smaller garage, the Pro Breeze would suit you perfectly.

The Pro Breeze Electric garage dehumidifiers are ideal for covering areas between 220 to 250 square feet. A compact unit, is is ideal for your workshop, small garage, caravan, bathroom or basement!

Despite its compact frame, the Pro Breeze comes with an 18 oz water tank, meaning it efficiently reduces moisture by one pint per day. Not bad for a mini dehumidifier. As the unit can draw 9 oz/day this means only emptying the water tank every 2-3 days.

This efficiency is also ideal if you want to remove fungus, mold and prevent mildew growth. Even better, you can leave the Pro Breeze Electric dehumidifier to run for three days without having to drain the water tank.

Combine this with Pro Breeze’s Thermo-Electric Cooling technology, and you get a quiet operation that won’t disturb you or your guests while it’s running.


The Pro Breeze is simple and straightforward to use. There are no complicated features to worry about, although it doesn’t come with a continuous drain option.

As much as manually draining your water tank might seem like a chore, the Pro Breeze doesn’t make that an issue. The tank is situated at the base of the unit and pulls out for easy emptying.

It also comes with an auto-shutoff feature to prevent overfilling or leaking issues.

The only drawback is it requires heavy maintenance if your garage has high humidity levels. It’s also not ideal for areas with temperatures below 59 oF.

Nevertheless, the excellent energy efficiency, affordable price tag, and dehumidification performance make the Pro Breeze ideal for any small space.


  • Excellent energy efficiency
  • Budget-friendly
  • Auto-shutoff feature prevents leaking
  • Quiet operation
  • User friendly
  • Suitable for a smaller garage and space
  • Great dehumidification performance


  • Not ideal in areas with temperatures below 59 F

hOmeLabs 3000 sq ft Energy Star Dehumidifier : Best Newcomer Garage Dehumidifiers

dehumidifiers for home garages

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Compared to Frigidaire and TOSOT, hOmeLabs is a newcomer to the market in garage dehumidifiers. So, how does it compare in quality to the top brands? Let’s find out!

The hOmeLabs Energy Star dehumidifier provides a low capacity water tank holding 1.8 gallons.

HOmeLabs can extract up to 35 pints of moisture per day and come in a range of sizes. With 4 models to choose from, the hOmeLabs 3,000 sq ft is ideal for areas up 4,000 square feet. Above this space we recommend using the 4,500 sq ft model which is also available with a built-in pump for continuous use.

These sleek and compact garage dehumidifiers work perfectly in spaces between 2,500 to 4,000 square feet. Using it in any smaller area may cause too much heat and they won’t work with evaporative cooling.

We love the customizable humidity settings and its easy operation feature. Super quiet when in operation they are perfect garage dehumidifiers but also terrific in cellars, basements or large rooms.

Despite its large capacity and high power, it’s highly efficient, hence the Energy Star rating. No need to worry about huge utility bills!

Expect this 70-pint dehumidifier to run for a full 24-hour timeframe. It will automatically shut off when the tank is full to avoid overflow.

Furthermore, it also features a continuous drain option with a hose outlet included. However, you have to buy the hose separately, sad to say.


If there’s one feature that stood out with the hOmeLabs Energy Star dehumidifier, it’s their turbo mode setting.

This allows you to increase the fan speed from 165 CFM (cubic feet/minute) to 188 CFM for maximum odor and moisture removal.

We also like how hOmeLabs added wheels and handles for improved portability should you decide to use it in a room apart from your garage.

However, hOmeLabs’ water tank capacity is relatively small. For high humidity areas, this may require frequent draining of the water tank. That being said, just purchase a hose and connect it to the unit for continuous drain operation.

This newcomer in garage dehumidifiers will give some of the more established brands a run for their money.


  • 35-pint extraction rate/day
  • 70 pint capacity
  • Large coverage area
  • Energy-efficient
  • Portable
  • Customizable humidity settings and fan speed
  • Ideal for a larger garage
  • Super quiet
  • Continuous drainage by adding a hose


  • Hose must be purchased separately
  • Water tank capacity is quite low

Yaufey 1500 sq ft Dehumidifier : Best Mid-Size Garage Dehumidifiers

home garage dehumidifiers

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If you’re looking for garage dehumidifiers ideal for medium-sized spaces around 1,500 sq ft, Yaufey fits this description perfectly.

Capable of removing up to 4 gallons or 32 pints of moisture per day, it’s excellent for both performance and price.

In fact, the Yaufey dehumidifier is just as budget-friendly as the Pro Breeze, and provides a larger capacity.

A 1.8L water tank isn’t that great, however, Yaufey made sure to include a continuous drain option and a 2-meter hose. By setting this up you don’t have to worry about manually draining the water tank.

It’s also worth mentioning the high number of positive reviews Yaufey has received. This is despite being less renowned or popular as leading dehumidifier brands such as TOSOT or Frigidaire.

This compact and sleek unit is ideal for the bedroom, bathroom, basement or a dehumidifier for your garage.


Like the hOmeLabs dehumidifier, Yaufey also has customizable fan settings for efficient and effective removal of moisture, mold and mildew.

Additionally, it features an auto-defrost function, power outage restart ability and low-fan noise for a quiet operation.

Finally, the Yaufey dehumidifier also comes with a handle and built-in wheels for improved portability. If you think about it, this unit has a fair combination of features from most of the garage dehumidifiers mentioned in our list.

At under $200, the Yaufey dehumidifier is perfect for the budget conscious.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Auto-defrost feature
  • Power outage restart function
  • Continuous drain option with hose included
  • Ideal for a medium-sized garage (1,500 sq ft)
  • Customizable fan settings
  • Decent energy-efficiency


  • Some units were defective in the past

How to Choose the Best Dehumidifiers for Your Garage

Even with 5 of the best garage dehumidifiers models available, it can be confusing to choose the ideal dehumidifier for your garage.

For this reason, we’ve used this section to talk about crucial elements in the design and performance of dehumidifiers. This will allow you to gauge which of these elements suit your needs best.

Choosing the best garage dehumidifiers will depend on 5 elements:

  1. Performance
  2. Capacity & drainage
  3. Extra features
  4. Noise level
  5. Temperature

We’ll discuss each element in-depth and provide you with the best recommendations per element.

Performance of Garage Dehumidifiers

The performance of each dehumidifier varies depending on its extraction rate. The extraction rate pertains to the ability of your dehumidifier to pull moisture from the air.

A good quality dehumidifier should remove moisture from the air sufficiently along with regulating the humidity levels.

One way to measure the performance of dehumidifiers is through pints. Throughout the review, we mentioned a handful of pint measurements, such as 50 pints, 70 pints, 30 pints, etc.

You’ll find various garage dehumidifiers that offer either 30 pints, 40 pints, 50 pints or 70-pint ratings. The number also indicates the amount of moisture from the air it can remove in a 24-hour timeframe.

For example, a 50-pint dehumidifier can remove up to 50 pints of moisture from the air per day. On the other hand, a 70-pint dehumidifier can remove up to 70 pints per day.

How to Choose a Dehumidifier Based on Performance

Go for a 30-pint dehumidifier if you have a smaller garage, while a 50 or 70-pint dehumidifier works for a larger garage.

It’s worth noting that the pint rating influences the efficiency of your dehumidifier. This means that if you use a 30-pint dehumidifier for a large garage, it wouldn’t efficiently regulate the humidity.

Likewise, a 70-pint dehumidifier wouldn’t work best for a smaller garage since this may lead to causing too much heat or waste a lot of energy.

Make sure you are aware of the size before researching the best garage dehumidifiers for you.

Capacity & Drainage

The capacity of your garage dehumidifiers goes hand-in-hand with drainage capability and dehumidification performance.

Dehumidifiers will typically show the square footage on the product label or manufacturer’s website. It’s absolutely vital you make sure to check the square footage or capacity before choosing the best dehumidifier for your garage.

The capacity tells you how much space your dehumidifier can cover. To effectively regulate humidity and pull moisture from the air, your dehumidifier should be able to cover the square footage of your garage adequately.

For example, a 3,000 or 4,000 sq ft dehumidifier works best for a larger garage, while a 1,500 sq ft dehumidifier works best for a medium-sized garage.

As for the drainage capabilities, this refers to the option of having a continuous drain hose or automatic shutoff features. Mostly, these relate to your convenience and ease of maintenance.

How to Choose a Dehumidifier Based on Capacity & Drainage

We recommend getting an accurate measurement or square footage of your garage and match this with the dehumidifier. This will provide the appropriate coverage area.

A 3,000 to 4,000 sq ft dehumidifier should be adequate for a 3,000 to 4,000 sq ft garage. Smaller garage dehumidifiers can cover up to 200 feet only, so make sure your garage measures around the same dimensions.

We don’t recommend “eye-balling” the square footage of your garage. If your garage measures 1,500 sq ft and you get a 3,000 sq ft unit, it will be less efficient and costly on your part.

This is what makes choosing dehumidifiers tricky. However, for optimal humidity regulation and pulling moisture from air, it helps to select the right measurements.

As for drainage capabilities, it’s always best to choose a unit with a continuous drain hose and automatic shutoff features.

Without it, your unit could experience overfilling or leaking. Apart from that, you have to manually drain your water reservoir. This is time consuming and can be challenging if you’re out on a trip and want to keep your vehicle well-protected.

Extra Features (Adjustable Settings, Portability, & Warranty)

Extra features are all about convenience, usability, and user-friendliness. Adjustable settings pertain mostly to changing the humidity or setting the preferred humidity in your garage.

Not only will this save you energy, but it also helps you achieve optimal regulation and effectively pulling moisture in the air.

Portability and warranty coverage are features that are preferred but not as necessary.

Garage dehumidifiers you can easily move around are useful, especially if you buy a large unit. Some units may also come defective, which means that warranty coverage can be beneficial for cases like these.

How to Choose Garage Dehumidifiers Based on Extra Features

A dehumidifier that provides adjustable settings for fan speed and humidity are excellent picks. If the unit doesn’t have any, try to get a unit that accurately matches the appropriate capacity and dehumidification performance.

Nowadays, most dehumidifiers will come with adjustable settings and are also quite affordable.

We recommend choosing a unit with built-in wheels and handles if you have plans to use this dehumidifier for other areas in your home. Suppose you plan to buy a large or heavy unit, opting for built-in wheels and handles suits you better.

On the other hand, trusted brands such as Frigidaire, TOSOT, and hOmeLabs, Ivation, and Yaufey all come with warranty coverage.

When choosing the best dehumidifier for garage, it’s always best to go for trusted, quality brands. Not only will this ensure good warranty coverage but also reliable quality overall.

Sound Level of Garage Dehumidifiers

Even though your dehumidifier will mostly be stored in your garage, considering the sound level or noise operation of your unit is a vital element.

Some dehumidifiers operate too loud that it can be irritating after continuous use. This is especially true for dehumidifiers with a higher pint rating.

Since dehumidifiers operate through compressors, this is usually the source of the noise. However, not all dehumidifiers with a large pint size mean a noisy operation.

Some manufacturers will consider different factors and use different components leading to a quiet operation.

One example would be the Pro Breeze Electric dehumidifier, which runs on a Thermo-Electric Cooling technology instead of a compressor.

How to Choose a Dehumidifier Based on Sound Level

It’s best to always ask for the dB or decibel rating of the unit before buying one, which you can find on the manufacturer’s label or website.

Don’t expect to find a unit that’s ultra-quiet, either. Any machine will always produce some audible noise, and it’s nearly impossible to find a completely quiet unit.

Dehumidifiers with a rating between 40 to 70 dB should be pretty quiet and more than adequate for satisfying adequate noise levels.


Furthermore, it would help if you considered the temperature of your garage. Garages with temperatures of 59 oF shouldn’t pose a problem.

However, if the temperature of your garage drops below 59 oF, you should consider a dehumidifier with an auto-defrost feature.

How to Choose a Dehumidifier Based on Temperature

Getting a unit with an auto-defrost feature will remove any frost build-up, which is essential to your compressor’s health and effectiveness in reducing moisture in the air.

The Best Dehumidifier For Garage

The best garage dehumidifier should prioritize dehumidification performance and capacity above all.

Choosing the appropriate pint-size and capacity significantly affects how effective your dehumidifier will be able to pull moisture in the air and regulate humidity.

To get the best results for effectively removing mold, fungus, and mildew, along with protecting your vehicle at all costs, these two elements, pint-size and capacity, should be essential elements to look out for first.

For example, if your garage measures 3,500 sq ft, an ideal dehumidifier would be a unit with 50 pints at the very least, 4,000 sq ft coverage, and preferably with adjustable settings and an Energy Star rating to save on energy costs.

A more concrete example would be our top three picks mentioned in this review:

Best Overall: TOSOT 4,500 sq ft Dehumidifier

The TOSOT 4,500 sq ft is the best of the garage dehumidifiers as it covers all the essential elements discussed in the previous section.

It’s also worth mentioning that the TOSOT dehumidifier is quite affordable considering the features it comes with. However, we also understand that the TOSOT may not be for everyone.

For this reason, we recommend this dehumidifier if you’re looking for a price-friendly unit with excellent dehumidification performance, energy-saving & quiet operation, and have a fairly large garage.

Best Value: Ivation 4,500 sq ft Dehumidifier

The Ivation 4,500 sq ft dehumidifier is another one of our best dehumidifiers for garage spaces.

You might have to spend a little more compared to the TOSOT but it comes with some outstanding features. You get an auto-defrost feature, 70-pint size for the largest garage space, Energy Star rating and a hose for continuous drain operation.

Unlike the TOSOT 4,500 sq ft dehumidifier, you’ll have to buy a separate hose, and it has quite a short power cord.

We highly recommend the Ivation 4,500 sq ft as the one of the best garge dehumidifiers for spaces up to 4,500 sq ft. With a large water tank and top-notch filtration system this will reduce mildew and mold in any room.

Best Budget Pick: Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier

The Pro Breeze Electric is the best garage dehumidifier for those with smaller garage spaces. Even though the Pro Breeze can only cover 220 to 250 square feet, its efficiency is also the highest on our list.

Compared to a 50-pint dehumidifier, the Pro Breeze provides higher energy saving costs and quieter operation.

The best part? It’s a lot cheaper than buying a 70 or 50-pint dehumidifier.

Best Newcomer: hOmeLabs 3,000 sq ft Energy Star Dehumidifier

The hOmeLabs brand is fairly new to the market of garage dehumidifiers but with an Energy Star its efficiency is undenied.

With only a 1.8 gallon water tank capacity you will have to keep your eye on the machine unless you connect a hose. You will have to purchase the hose separately and attach it yourself but then you can run this machine 24/7.

A “turbo mode” setting allows for faster drying if required which most other models don’t have.

The hOmeLabs Energy Star garage dehumidifiers are worth looking into if you have a large space to dry out.

Best Mid-Size: Yaufey 1,500 sq ft Dehumidifier

With a price comparable to the Pro Breeze, and much greater capacity, the Yaufey garage dehumidifiers are worth the investment.

A smaller capacity water tank is not ideal however, the unit comes with a 2 metre hose. Hook this up to the unit and make the most of the continuous drain option.

This is the only unit in our review of garage dehumidifiers that includes a hose, although most have an in-built outlet.

Worth looking further into, the only negative we could find was some reviews where the units were defective.


We hope this review was able to help you choose the best dehumidifier for your garage!  As far as premium quality and performance goes, always be sure to choose a dehumidifier that suits your needs.

Don’t choose a dehumidifier simply based on what the label says or because all your friends have the same one.  Ultimately, as the end-user, the best garage dehumidifiers are those that satisfy most, if not all, of your needs.

At Weather Stationary we love all things “weather” so, if you enjoyed this article why not leave a comment.

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Best Rain Gauges In 2021 – How To Choose The Right One For You

Best Rain Gauges In 2021 – How To Choose The Right One For You

For weather enthusiasts, farmers and amateur gardeners, the best rain gauges can be an essential piece of equipment. Not only can you keep track of the conditions around you, they allow you to compare data from previous months or years.

Whether your aim is to plan seasonal farming patterns or save on your household water bill. Maybe you just want to keep tabs on the local environment! There are literally hundreds of different rain gauges to choose from online.

So, how do you know which is the best rain gauge for you? What will you be looking for in a rain gauge?

Use these links to quickly scroll & find what you’re looking for!

At A Glance: Best Rain Gauges

In case you’re just looking for a quick recommendation, here are three of the top picks. These 3 best rain gauges include a low-budget option.

However, to read all the important details, keep scrolling!

[amazon table=”2765″]

So, before you jump into our review below, it’s worth considering a few key specifications and how they can fit your needs: 

  • Accuracy – Consider how precise your rain gauge needs to be. If your livelihood depends on accurate tracking make sure it’s very precise. However. for hobbyists or gardeners, some variance may not be a problem.

  • Capacity – You’ll likely already have a bit of knowledge of the local climate so consider the capacity your rain gauge needs to handle. The wetter your location, the greater your capacity, especially if you want to measure over longer periods.

  • Durability – An extension of the above point, ensure you get the best rain gauges to survive the elements in your climate. For example, if you’re measuring somewhere that’s exposed to strong winds, sleet or hail make sure you invest in a robust enough gauge to keep your tracking up and running.

  • Technology – Modern rain gauges now vary in their use of technology. Many offer the ability to track water levels remotely from the comfort of your home or office. If you want something with remote monitoring built in, a wireless rain gauge may be best for you. 


9 Best Rain Gauges For 2021

Best All Rounder – AcuRite 00899 Wireless Rain Gauge

Combining durability, flexibility, simple design and good use of technology. The AcuRite 00899 Wireless Rain Gauge takes our vote as the best all-rounder on the market.

Totally wireless, it transmits data up to 100 feet (30 meters). Have the sensor positioned outside and the display safely inside.

Its simple bucket design means it can be placed almost anywhere giving complete flexibility. With self-emptying functionality, it has a virtually unlimited capacity.

The perfect machine for lawn care, it provides measurements in mm or inches as per your preference. An alarm sounds when rain begins to fall to easily protect fragile items.

It syncs to an easily readable display which can be configured to provide alerts when rain begins or certain capacities are reached. Get simple reporting of measurements over a rain event, day or week. There is even a handy flood warning alert so you’ll be prepared if the elements really turn!

As an added bonus, the display can also be used as a clock or calendar and comes with a guaranteed 1 year warranty!

Look to the AcuRite 00899 for the overall best rain gauges in 2021 – in our opinion!

[amazon box=”B004V1XJW0″]


  • Simple ‘bucket’ design
  • Self emptying (unlimited capacity)
  • Technology for accurate reporting 
  • Easy to mount or hang anywhere
  • Easy read display which doubles as a clock and calendar


  • Wireless range up to 30m only

Best Rain Gauges For Price – AcuRite 00850A2

No matter your interest level in weather, you may just need something simple and cheap to keep track of the rainfall in your area. If so, the AcuRite 00850A2 is an ideal, quick and easy solution and our value best rain gauges. 

It’s basic design means it can simply be placed into your garden or plot and begin capturing water straight away. Pre-drilled holes make it easy to hang and the tapered end makes for easy staking into the ground.

With a capacity of up to 4″ / 100mm, it is more than adequate for the majority of climates. The magnified reader makes taking measurements a breeze without needing your reading glasses. In fact, number size is increased by 35%.

Whilst this isn’t a specialised rain gauge for durability, it is built from hardened acrylic. It will stand up to the elements for a long period of time.

However, you need to be careful of it underfoot once planted.  How can you go wrong at this price?

The AcuRite 00850A2 will give you rain measurements for many years. With no bells & whistles, its budget price puts it in our list of best rain gauges for 2021.

[amazon box=”B000A3IMP2″]


  • Simple and easy design
  • No installation needed, just push into turf
  • Magnified reading for easy measurement
  • Cheap price
  • Can be wall mounted with pre-drilled holes
  • Hardened plastic will last many years


  • Basic accuracy
  • Not specialised for durability
  • Manual emptying

Best for Farming – Outback Blue Large 250mm Rain Gauge

If you’re operating a large agricultural or plantation farm, keeping an eye on the weather is crucial. To ensure a smooth operation all year round it is vital to know the moisture levels.

The Outback Blue Large rain gauges are made in Australia to withstand the tough Aussie conditions making them great for most climates. A high grade UV-resistant polycarbonate won’t crack with frost or discolor in scorching sun, however, it will not withstand snow conditions. Set up and usage are simple and straightforward, so you don’t need high-tech skills for this line of best rain gauges.

Farmers often need to track rainfall over a long period of time especially if operating in vast open spaces. With a large overall capacity of 280mm (one of the largest on the market), these rain gauges may only need to be read, and emptied, weekly or monthly. This will, of course, depend on the amount of rainfall. In fact, for truly vast areas an automatic emptying rain gauge may be best.

The large capacity comes from its dual tube design. The inner tube is designed to measure the overflow in the outer tube. Simply total each of the 1″ measurements to know the amount of water in the outer tube and add the inner tube volume.

The Outback Blue 250mm can be easily mounted in a range of locations and it’s simple markings help you track down to 0.5mm increments.  It’s large capacity, durability and great price put it fairly in our list of best rain gauges for 2021.

[amazon box=”B07W7WDYDC” description_items=”3″ description_length=”100″]


  • Large 250mm Capacity
  • UV protected, robust construction
  • Easy to install
  • Measurement down to 0.5mm
  • No tech skills required


  • Inner tube design can be fiddly for readings in harsh conditions
  • Not designed for snow conditions

Best Rain Gauges For Use At Home – TFA 47.100 Rain Gauge

For those looking to measure local rainfall for gardening cycles, you’ll need a compact and simple gauge to keep track of the conditions. The TFA 47.100 gauge mixes durability and simplicity to give gardeners exactly what they need. 

No assembly or complex mounting is required. The TFA 47.100 comes with a simple holder that can be easily mounted on fence posts/panels to fit in with the aesthetics of your garden.

With a maximum capacity of 40mm and clear indications to assist reading, it embraces it’s German made durability and simplicity. 

It even comes with the added bonus of a secondary tracking ring. This allows you to manually track rainfall over a longer period of time if you can’t get to empty it regularly. 

The TFA 47.100 looks great, is simple to use and install and has decent capacity. We think these features put it in our list of best rain gauges for 2021 and specifically for home gardeners.

[amazon box=”B000SIS0VA”]


  • Simple and easy design
  • Easy to mount
  • Small and compact
  • Tracking ring for manual recording over time


  • Small single capacity

Best for Weather Enthusiasts – Netatmo NRG01-WW

If you want to dig deep into local climate monitoring, you’ll likely be aware of the Netatmo weather station range. Netatmo are a trusted brand in amateur weather monitoring. Within their complete collection, monitors are available for rain, wind, temperature and humidity. 

The NRG01-WW model is an accessory of the Netatmo Weather Station and a great solo monitor.

With a capacity of 150mm and accuracy down to 1mm, it will help you crunch the precise numbers for rainfall in your local area. Place it on your balcony or stake it into your garden.

It’s also extremely well connected, offering a mobile app, smart home support and custom notifications so you can keep track anywhere.

Start your weather journey with the best rain gauges to build your weather station. The Netatmo NRG01-WW is a great stand alone rain gauge but you can purchase further products from the range to integrate and build your custom weather station.

[amazon box=”B00J5OHDGG”]


  • Highly accurate
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Support through NetatmoAssistance
  • Add other products from the Netatmo range


  • 100m range
  • Not suitable for heavily exposed areas

Interested in buying a weather station? See our article:
TThe Best Weather Stations To Buy Online In 2020.

Best for Harsh Exposure – OutdoorHome 150mm Gauge

For light farming, gardening or monitoring weather in a highly exposed environment, you’ll need a rain gauge with high capacity and easy reading.

Whilst we’ve seen the Outback Blue and TFA above, we wanted to call out the OutdoorHome as the perfect hybrid between the two.

Made to withstand harsh elements with heavy duty and UV resistant plastic that won’t crack or go yellow, there is an added bonus. The OutdoorHome team offers a 30 day money-back guarantee if it can’t match up to your local elements.

Couple this with large, easy to read indicators and simple screw on mount, and it’s perfect for any extreme situation. 

No need for any tech knowledge, this manual rain gauge even comes with a cleaning brush!

The OutdoorHome 150mm is a tough, Aussie-made manual rain gauge designed for any conditions. Easy to mount and read with excellent durability we know it is one of the best rain gauges in 2021.

[amazon box=”B00Y7RGHWM” description_items=”3″ description_length=”100″]


  • ‘Virtually unbreakable’
  • Quick and easy install
  • Easy to read indicators
  • Large 150mm capacity
  • Aussie-made


  • Large measurements make for slight inaccuracy

Some Honourable Mentions In Our Best Rain Gauges For 2010

There was stiff competition for the many rain gauges to make it into our ‘best of’ range so we wanted to call out some models that deserve a mention in their own right:

The Longest Wireless Range Rain Gauge – AMTAST Digital Wireless

Similar to our best all round gauge from AcuRite, the AMTAST Digital Wireless Rain Gauge utilises a bucket like design for capturing precipitation. It then sends live results back to a separate monitor via wireless connection.

If you’re after slightly more range, this is the model for you with distances up to 100m.

[amazon box=”B07TSS43FY”]

The Most Accurate Rain Gauge – ECOWITT WH5360B High Precision

If it’s accuracy you’re after, we recommend checking out the ECOWITT WH5360B High Precision.

It includes many of the features we’ve seen with our other models such as bucket-design, digital monitoring, level alerts and has a variety of mounting options.

Crucially, the ECOWITT WH5360B High Precision claims an accuracy reading just under 1mm.

[amazon box=”B0791B6B48″ description_items=”3″ description_length=”100″]

The Largest Capacity Rain Gauge – Outback Blue Large 250mm Rain Gauge

We’ve already seen the Outback Blue in our best-of roundup. However, there really is no other competitor on the general rain gauge market that shapes up to the whopping 250mm capacity.

If you’re looking for something bigger, we suggest reaching out to industrial meteorologist organisations, but if 250mm is enough for you, check out the Outback Blue below.

[amazon box=”B07W7WDYDC” description_items=”3″ description_length=”100″]


We hope you found something suitable for your needs in our review of the best rain gauges on the market today.  From small to huge and super easy to fully automated, we have covered them all.

Leave us a comment below on which is your favorite and read some more reviews by clicking below. 

Acurite Rain Gauges

Best Weather Stations

Weather Gifts

6 Best Wind Meters For Drone Flying

6 Best Wind Meters For Drone Flying

If you’re reading this article, then you’re probably a drone pilot who has experienced the frustration of having the wind ruin your plans.  Read on to find the most accurate and best wind meters for drone flying to keep your machine in the air!

Obviously if it’s far too windy, you can probably tell just by looking out of the window, and seeing the trees shake.  But if it’s kinda borderline, having a wind meter to tell you exactly whether you should or shouldn’t fly the drone can be super helpful.

In this article, we’ll take a look at:

Easy-to-use handheld wind meters

How windy is too windy to fly?

What to look for in a wind meter / anemometer

… so let’s get into it, starting with the product recommendations of the best wind meters for drone flying!

At A Glance: The Best Wind Meters For Flying Drones

Here are three top choices at a glance, depending on what you need.  9.9 times out of 10, the Holdpeak product is a solid purchase for almost any purpose that requires a portable / easy-to-use handheld anemometer.

[amazon table=”2802″]

Please note: if you’re looking for a smartphone wind meter, this one by Vaavud needs a headphone jack to work, which might be a problem e.g. with the newest iPhones.

So let’s talk about these, plus a couple other options.

HOLDPEAK 866B Digital Anemometer Handheld Wind Speed Meter 

Okay, so… mentioned above, this handheld wind meter from Holdpeak is a really safe bet for the majority of uses. This includes as the best wind meter for drone flying.

Some boxes that are ticked include:

  • Good detection range. Detects wind from as little as 0.3m/s. And goes all the way up to 69mph.
  • Indicates wind chill & temperature as well as speed (maybe not needed, but can’t hurt to have)
  • Small (6.5-inches tall) and lightweight (0.2kg) makes it easy to pack and carry around
  • Can be screwed onto a tripod

There are some features missing here that a slightly more expensive anemometer might have like humidity readings and USB connection. However, for this particular purpose, I don’t think most people will require that. You’ll likely do just fine with this for getting and keeping your drone safely in the air.

And, if it makes you feel reassured (it should!), there are thousands of reviews on Amazon too.

[amazon box=”B00ZHKWCP4″ description_length=”100″ description_items=”3″ title=”HOLDPEAK 866B Digital Anemometer Handheld Wind Speed Meter”]

Vaavud Wind Speed Meter with Smartphone App

If you’re strictly looking for a product that will plug into your smartphone, then this meter from Vaavud could be a good choice for you.

Again I feel it’s worth pointing out that you’ll need a headphone jack for this, and that may be problematic for some phones, e.g. newest iPhones.

With this wind speed meter, you’ll download an app that comes along with the purchase. Plug in the anemometer to your headphone jack and read wind speed within the app.

If I’m being honest, I’d personally go with a handheld one such as the Holdpeak every time. That being said, this option is smaller, and it doesn’t require a battery. Both of those things could be useful so, bare in mind that:

  • It isn’t compatible with some phones
  • The range is weaker (picking up only between 2m/s and 25m/s)
[amazon box=”B00EBCCCFE” description_length=”100″ description_items=”3″ title=”Vaavud Wind Speed Meter with Smartphone App”]

PiscatorZone Handheld Mini Wind Speed Meter

A solid low-cost & basic option this is included in most lists of best wind meters for drone flying. Very small and lightweight – pocket sized, even.

Arguably a little fiddlier to get working and use the settings, but it’ll do what you need it to do (measure the wind speed!).

Can’t be mounted on a tripod, but can also be attached to a lanyard.

[amazon box=”B07CWLNGQ1″ description_length=”100″ description_items=”3″ title=”PiscatorZone Handheld Mini Wind Speed Meter”]

In case, for any reason, one of those three options doesn’t do it for you — here are a few other noteworthy inclusions to the wind meters for drone flying:

BTMETER BT-100 Handheld Wind Speed Meter

[amazon box=”B07J64TCBQ” description_length=”100″ description_items=”3″ title=”BTMETER BT-100 Handheld Wind Speed Meter”]

Kestrel 1000 Pocket Wind Meter / Digital Anemometer

[amazon box=”B001JEPJZC” description_length=”100″ description_items=”3″]

Proster Anemometers Handheld Wind Speed Meter

[amazon box=”B00KYL3VNS” description_length=”100″ description_items=”3″ title=”Proster Anemometers Handheld Wind Speed Meter”]

When is it too windy to fly a drone?

Good question! The answer (shockingly) is: it depends. And it mostly depends on the model you’re flying.

There are some really cheap drones out there which will be easily knocked off-course by a slight breeze, or someone coughing nearby. Okay, maybe not that easily. But if you care enough about your drone to be reading this article, then you probably have something halfway decent.

Mario from suggests that a good rule of thumb is to never fly in winds that are more than two-thirds of your drone’s max speed. So if your drone goes up to 18mph, steer clear of winds being 12mph+.

Of course the less wind the better, and you should check your own instruction manual or any other guidance provided by the manufacturer, but this rule of thumb should serve well. More than two-thirds = don’t risk it.

What To Look For In A Wind Meter

These are probably all fairly obvious things to think about, but just in case they’re helpful. When shopping for your wind meter, do consider:

  • Are you looking for something that is handheld / battery operated, or something that plugs into a smartphone
  • What is the minimum & maximum detectable speeds
  • How long is the battery life
  • Is there a backlight
  • Does it only measure wind speed, or also wind chill & other factors
  • How big & heavy is it
  • Will it mount to a tripod, or attach to a lanyard
  • Will it fit in your pocket? Your camera bag?
  • How expensive is it
  • In which units will it measure wind speed

That’s a wrap! You’ll notice that these products & tips aren’t all exclusively related to drone flying.  But, for your purposes, a general anemometer for measuring wind speed should do the job.

The same tool will work well for you, compared to those who are looking for something for shooting, kitesurfing, or any other purpose.

Good luck, and if you found this helpful but want to know more read about our Best Anemometers in 2021!

And if you are a game hunter, try – Best Wind Meters For Long Range Hunting

Best Weather App For iPhone

Best Weather App For iPhone

Although the iPhone comes with a basic weather app that forecasts conditional changes, sometimes, it is not enough.  You may want to find the best weather app for iPhone to be ahead of the crowd.

An app for beginners may be a good option, but having the perfect weather app that can predict the weather in real time is a gift on your iPhone. 

Checking live weather updates on your iPhone with a clear display and accurate data is a blessing in itself.  However, for those who rely heavily on weather changes, it is essential.  For instance, a farmer who works every day in the fields needs to get first-hand information about the weather to make individual decisions.

A weather app that comes pre-installed on the iPhone is free, but do not expect great data from everything available on the App Store.  Many apps on the App Store appear free, however, a little payment is required to get the most relevant data. 

We have taken our time and researched the best weather app for iPhone that you can download. 


1 of 10: Dark Sky – Best Weather App for iPhone Overall

Dark Sky is one of the most renowned apps of the Apple Store that is pro in delivering minute-by-minute weather updates.

The app uses its weather service that ensures accurate weather information for the day.  It comes with an excellent interface that lets the users get the best experience.  Along with it, Dark Sky sends alerts to users in case there is a weather emergency.

Dark Sky is indeed the best weather app for the iPhone; however, the app will cost you about $3.99, making it a little expensive option. 

Dark sky weather app for iphone

Pros & Cons

  • Intuitive app with an attractive design

  •  Shows correct weather predictions

  •  Great maps 

  • Data does not update very quickly 

  • Often shows different predictions on Android and iOS devices

Dark Sky is the first name that comes first on anyone’s mind as the best weather app. It is a must-have in your iPhone.

2 of 10: The Weather Channel – Most Popular Weather App

It’s impossible not to mention Weather Channel when you are writing a review on the best weather apps.

Even though this app has a simple interface, it will still give out such detailed information about weather changes.

The Weather Channel is one of the best local weather apps that shows hourly, daily and 15-days weather predictions. It also indicates forecast to inform users about recent weather uptakes.

You can download Weather Channel for free with ads.  If you want to remove these ads, just make an in-app purchase of $4.

The Weather Channel for iphone

Pros & Cons

  • Great design and user interface

  • Detailed forecast

  • Apple Watch integration

  • Advertisements

  • Takes much scrolling

  • Lack of customizability

The Weather Channel is a good app, but considering such standard features, $4 is a lot for the app. It would be one of the best weather apps only if it was free or for $1 only.

3 of 10: NOAA Official Shortcut for iPhone – Most Accurate

Coming directly from the National Weather Service, what else anyone would want for accurate weather predictions?

NOAA is not available in the Apple Store, but you can get NOAA shortcut on your smartphone without any hassle.  Just visit and add the shortcut, it shows the most accurate weather alerts and is free!

Also, check out Weather Live from Apalon that offers a weather tracker right in your palm.

A map is integrated into the app that predicts National Weather Service alerts, warnings, and watches on the device. This weather app is a hub of perfect weather predictions. The app is free with some in-app purchases.

Do check it out!

NOAA weather radar

Pros & Cons

  • Authentic weather updates 

  • Fast updates about weather severity

  • News Feed

  • Not pleasing interface

  • Suitable for severe weather warnings only

NOAA is the most trustworthy app, but it does not have much of an eye-pleasing interface. Although you can download Apalon’s version of NOAA weather updates that will require some in-app purchases.

4 of 10: Yahoo Weather – Free with no Ads

Are you looking for the best free weather app for the iPhone?  Yahoo Weather is the answer for you.

It has an incredible design, and Yahoo weather app shows great weather predictions, but with some limitations.

Note, that Yahoo weather app is ad-free, so you do not have to worry about wasting your time on ads anymore.

Yahoo weather app is free, so enjoy using it. 

yahoo weather for iphone

Pros & Cons

  • Advertisement free

  • Amazing design

  • Images from Flickr

  • Can be slow at times

  • Few radar options

Yahoo Weather is the best app that anyone can use on their iPhone. Its beautiful design is a must-check for everyone.

5 of 10: Storm Radar – Emergency Alerts

Storm Radar is the best severe weather app for both iPhone and Android users, built by The Weather Channel.

You can know exactly where a storm is, thanks to the fantastic and detailed weather information predicted by the app. See the whole forecast on your fingertips from where the storm is moving to and how it is moving.

Download this premium weather app free of cost from the App store, but it will come with ads. It takes only $1 to make the app ad-free. 

Storm radar for iphone

Pros & Cons

  • Feasibility to check the hurricane moving

  • Detailed information about the hurricane

  • Operates smoothly

  • Upgrade is required 

  • The app is not ad-free

  • Some features require payment

Good app to get quick information about the hurricane coming your way. If you live in an area where storms are frequent, then this app will be good for you.

6 of 10: MyRadar – Weather Radar

My Radar is a great yet simple weather app that shows extraordinary information about the weather around you.

Get instant updates about the changing weather conditions with the help of an animated live radar.  The app is not free and costs about $24.95 for iPhone users.

MyRadar weather radar

Pros & Cons

  • Quick updates

  • Detailed weather updates

  • Animated live radar

  • Expensive

  • Not for beginners

Try out this app only if you understand how radar works. Paying so much for something you do not know about is a waste of money!

7 of 10: Haze – Beautifully Designed

Among the best-designed weather apps such as Solar, Dark Sky & others – Haze stands amongst the top.

Haze is a beautifull designed weather app for iPhone that shows a 5-day forecast along with information related to rain, temperature and others.

If you are looking for the best audiovisual experience, then Haze is undoubtedly the best option for you. It is a standard app with no extraordinary features, but it is still enough to get maximum information on the weather.

Haze is not free, but you can get the app on your iPhone at a minimal cost of $0.99.  

Haze weather app

Pros & Cons

  • Amazing design

  • Simple and user-friendly

  • Quick forecasts

  • No radar

  • No hourly forecasts

Haze is a good option if you want something colorful and attractive, but not adequate for intense weather updates.

8 of 10: iOS Native App – Best for Screen Lock or as a Widget

If you want a free weather app with no ads whatsoever, then Apple’s native app is an excellent option to consider.

Apple’s built-in weather app comes with an appealing widget that shows weather predictions for every hour of the day.  This app takes data from The Weather Channel and does not have a live weather radar to give accurate predictions.

Note, that iOS native app is the best weather widget that you can get on your iPhone.  Despite some lacks in the app, it is still one of the best weather apps for the iPhone.  

ios native weather app

Pros & Cons

  • User-friendly

  • Good widget 

  • Hourly updates

  • No radar

Best for regular weather updates, but don’t expect more from the app.

9 of 10: RadarScope – Best for Advanced Users & Weather Enthusiasts

Are you a serious weather enthusiast?  If you are, then the RadarScope will be the best investment you will make.

It is the best-paid weather app for iPhone that comes with detailed information about weather updates.

Rating this app, the most accurate weather app would not be wrong.  If you want a powerful weather tracking app on your iPhone, then the RadarScope is the best option for you. 

You can download this app for $9.99 with further in-app purchases.

radarscope weather app for iphone

Pros & Cons

  • Radar data with great resolution

  • NEXRAD and TDWR data 

  • Intensive details of severe weather conditions

  • Expensive

Only buy this app if you know what is Coefficient, velocity. The app is not for beginners.

10 of 10: Air Quality by Plume Labs – Best for Allergy Alerts & Outdoorsman

Do you like to go out for a run or a walk? What time will be the best for it?

Many questions come to your mind when considering the weather. Air Quality gives the best weather app alerts about the air quality outside.

This app also indicates air pollution levels for every hour with this app.  The app is free for iPhone with no ads. 

Air Quality by Plume Labs

Pros & Cons

  • Adequate regular air pollution updates

  • Free app

  • No intense weather updates

If you love going out every day, then you can avoid bad weather days with this update. Best for regular use.

Barometric Pressure Headaches: Symptoms,Treatment and Prevention

Barometric Pressure Headaches: Symptoms,Treatment and Prevention

Quick-Scroll Links

These quick-scroll links will make it easy for you to find something specific relating to barometric pressure headaches.

What is barometric pressure?

What are the symptoms of barometric pressure headaches?

Who suffers from them?

What are the causes?

Treatment & prevention of barometric pressure headaches.

Remedies — Western approaches.

Remedies — Eastern approaches.

Weather gadgets you can use to help predict barometric pressure headaches.


The Short Version:

Barometric pressure headaches are usually caused by a change in pressure. Most of the migraines associated with barometric pressure happen when air pressure drops. That often occurs when:

  • You travel by aeroplane
  • When the weather changes from “nice weather” to “bad weather”.
  • “Nice weather” is associated with clear skies and calm conditions. “Bad weather” is associated with cloudy skies, windy conditions, wet weather and colder temperatures.

What Can You Do To Alleviate Barometric Pressure Headaches?

  • Stay hydrated; also avoid diuretics.
  • Use OTC (over-the-counter) medicine.
  • Keep a one month journal of your symptoms to present to your doctor so he can better asses your condition.

These are just a few common sense recommendations. Read on to learn more detail about barometric pressure headaches.


Choosing the Best Emergency Radio in 2021

Choosing the Best Emergency Radio in 2021

An emergency radio is very useful, especially for those who live in areas prone to extreme weather conditions.  Although technology has taken a big leap, depending on a Smartphone app may not be enoug during an emergency. After spending almost 10 hours of research looking for the best emergency radios, we finally found the best of the best in the market.   For added convenience, we also included two-way emergency radios in this review.

The design is simple and easyIf not maintained it loses its durability
It needs no installation (just hang it up or stick it in the ground)You have to empty it manually
The magnified numbers make reading measurements easyNot able to connect with any tech device
It can be mounted on walls with pre-drilled holes
It is very affordable

The Top 5 Best Emergency Radios

1. Kaito KA500 Emergency Radio

Radio for emergency The Kaito KA500 Emergency Radio is a reliable and versatile emergency preparedness tool that has a great reputation.  It’s an all-in-one package because it has all the functionalities and features needed in an emergency radio.   It offers 6-way power options, including an AC/DC adapter that you can buy separately.

Check Latest Price

Key Features: ⭐ 6-way power options ⭐ Comprehensive AM, FM coverage ⭐ Emergency mobile battery charger  ⭐ Telescopic antenna extends up to 14.5″ ⭐ Impact-resistant and water-resistant  


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Charging via AC/DC outlet is an option
  • Full 7 NOAA bands available
  • Powerful emergency LED flashlight


  • Solar power is not sufficient and charging in a slow rate

2. FosPower Emergency Radio

best emergency radioEmergency assistance is guaranteed with the FosPower Emergency Radio.  It is designed for different purposes, including household emergencies and outdoor activities.  You can power this emergency radio in three ways: solar, hand crank, and batteries.  Cellphone charging is also available during blackouts with a 2000mAh capacity. 

Check Latest Price

      Key Features: ⭐ 2000mAh powerbank ⭐ 3 power sources (solar, hand crank and batteries) ⭐ SOS Alarm ⭐ 2 light sources  


  • Includes 3 power sources
  • LED flashlight and reading lamp
  • Very loud alarm
  • 2000mAh powerbank


  • Some solar charging issues

3. RunningSnail MD-088s Emergency Radio

radios for emergenciesThe new RunningSnail MD-088s is an affordable emergency radio that is compact, tough, and easy-to-use.  It has one of the brightest LED flashlights amongst all its competitors.  The 7 NOAA channels are made available to provide you the latest weather data, along with AM and FM channels to keep you informed.

Check Latest Price

      Key Features:RunningSnail MD-088s Emergency Radio ⭐ Portable and compact ⭐ Direct cellphone charging via micro-USB cable ⭐ Powerful and bright LED flashlight ⭐ 3-way power source ⭐ Water-resistant to IPX3  


  • Bright LED flashlight
  • Cellphone charging available during emergencies
  • Emergency flasher if you need rescuers to find you
  • 45 days money back guarantee


  • Analog display only
  • There is no clock on this device

4. Greadio GR-002W Emergency Radio

top emergency radios Greadio GR-002W is an awesome device that has everything you need for camping or emergency situations.  It’s a pocket-size emergency radio that comes with an attached handle and clip so you can easily take it anywhere.  It has 4-way power charging so it is always functional.   

Check Latest Price

    Key Features: ⭐ 4 charging options ⭐ 2 LED lights ⭐ SOS Alarm ⭐ 2000mAh powerbank capacity ⭐ AM/FM and NOAA Radio  


  • Compact and portable
  • Bright flashlight and reading lamp
  • 4-way power source
  • 2000mAh powerbank capacity
  • SOS Alarm


  • Slow rate solar charging

5. American Red Cross Emergency Weather Radio

best emergency radiosThe Eton FRX3+ has the American Red Cross’ name on it, so it must live up to some worthy expectations.  It’s a practical survival emergency weather radio that will keep you well informed.   Giving back-up power for your smartphone, it also provides light during emergencies and when its dark.  

Check Latest Price

    Key Features: ⭐ Good audio quality ⭐ Easy-to-adjust digital radio tuner ⭐ Up to 8.7x longer playback time ⭐ Receives all 7 NOAA weather bands ⭐ 2600mAh powerbank capacity  


  • Easy-to-carry design
  • Headphone jack available
  • Large and ergonomic hand crank
  • Glow in the dark locator so you can easily find it
  • 4-way power options


  • You have to crank harder to get enough power and make it function

Find The Best Garage Dehumidifiers For All Your Needs

Best Two-Way Emergency Radios

A two-way emergency radio, also called as a walkie talkie, is an extremely useful device.  Not only for emergency situations, but also for work situations where mobile phones are not ideal, such as farms. We searched and found three outstanding two-way emergency radios in the market today.  

1. BaoFeng BF-F8HP Dual Band Emergency Two-Way Radio

best emergency two-way radioThe BaoFeng BF-F8HP was designed in the USA.  If you’re looking for a seriously long-range two-way emergency radio, this is an ideal option.  It offers professional-grade features, works with 128 channels, and it receives weather channels too.  The BF-F8HP is compatible with an expanded range of UHF and VHF as well as walkie talkie frequencies.  It also comes with a LED flashlight that is also very useful.  The battery lasts up to 24 hours.  

Check Latest Price

2. Motorola Talkabout T280 Rechargeable Two-Way Radio

two-way radio for emergenciesWith its always-on connectivity, the Motorola T280 is your family’s best emergency device inside or outside the home.  You can receive weather updates from 11 channels including 7 NOAA channels.  Offers 22 channels and 121 privacy codes, making it easier to find an available channel.  This two-way emergency radio features a backlit display, 20 call tones, talk confirmation tone, keypad lock and low battery alert.  You can get up to a mile range without obstructions.

Check Latest Price

3. Midland GXT1030VP4 Two-Way Emergency Radio

Emergency radio two-way   This waterproof(splash-resistant) Midland GXT1030VP4 two-way emergency radio has been a staple in two-way communication for quite some time. It offers 22 channels plus 28 extra channels that provide clear and crisp communication with easy to access buttons.  Gives you up to 3,124 channel options to quickly find available channels.  The NOAA weather alert + scan locks up your location and keeps you updated.  It also allows you to send out distress signals with it’s SOS Siren feature.

Check Latest Price

6 Best Anemometers For Every Need In 2021

6 Best Anemometers For Every Need In 2021

As we roll into 2021, here at WeatherStationary we’re back again with another expert weather instrument comparison. Find the best anemometers for you whether for kids, shooting, HVAC or to link to your smartphone.

You’ll know that we regularly take a look at the best weather tools on the market. Indeed, we compare their accuracy, price and durability to ensure you find the best products for you!

As we write this, it’s the height of winter, so what better time to take a look at anemometers. Whether you’re looking for a wind tracking accessory, a handy tool for outdoor recreation or are requiring the best anemometers for commercial use. Let’s look at some of the top models on the market!

In a hurry? Skip right to what you’re looking for ?:

What To Look For In The Best Anemometers

Before you jump into our review below, it’s worth having a think about what you may need from your next Anemometer. Here’s some key areas to consider:

  • Accuracy – Consider how precise your Anemometer needs to be. If your livelihood or reputation depends on super accurate readings make sure it’s very precise. If you’re just a hobbyist or weather enthusiast, super accurate readings may not be a priority.

  • Functionality – Whilst most Anemometer’s are fairly standard, think about any additional features you may need. These will compliment your weather station setup or make carrying out your inspections easier. Whether that be specific measurement scales or connectivity to your other weather instruments. Ensure that you get the best Anemometers with the specs you need.

  • Durability – Any weather-related instrument is an investment, so you want to ensure you make the most of it! Anemometer’s are no different, so getting a product that can provide long-term reliability is a must! As an example, if you’re measuring somewhere that’s exposed to harsh conditions make sure you invest in a robust instrument. This will ensure you keep your tracking up and running for years to come.

  • Technology – Modern Anemometers now vary in their use of technology, with many offering the ability to track the elements remotely. If you want something with remote monitoring built in, then look to a wireless-enabled device. Potential connectivity to a smartphone is a must have when making your buying decision.

Best Overall Anemometers: BTMETER BT-100APP Digital Wind Speed Anemometer

If you’re looking for the best all round anemometer on the market for general use, look no further than the BT-100APP model from BTMETER.

It combines all the features most people will need. With wind speed tracking across 0.3~30m/s, temperature tracking across -10~45℃ and a backlit LCD screen for ease of reading. Add the app connectivity via bluetooth all within a small and sturdy package and you can see how it tops our list of best anemometers.

Reviewers especially love the versatility of this device, with tracking in m/s, km/h, ft/min, knots, mph for speed and ℃/℉ for tempartaure. Add this to the ability to export the data results in a variety of different formats, including CSV. You’ll find this is the perfect Anemometer for both work and play.

[amazon box=”B07JVNYNB3″ description_items=”3″ description_length=”100″]


  • Great all round features for most people
  • Mobile app connectivity via Bluetooth
  • Affordable


  • More accurate Anenometers are available

Best Affordable Pocket Anemometer: Proster Handheld Wind Speed Meter Anemometer

Whilst all of the anemometers we’ll cover in this roundup are handheld, this device is truly pocket-sized. For absolute “take anywhere”, we’d recommend the Proster Handheld Wind Speed Meter Anemometer.

At just 105mm x 40mm, this anemometer by Proster doesn’t add to your load in any way. In fact, it will fit easily into a pocket without you knowing it’s there.

But don’t be fooled, despite the size, this is still a great bit of kit. With the ability to measure speeds between 0-30m/s and temparatures between -10 – 45 Centigrade. Alongside a handy LCD screen and mode control buttons, it’s the perfect best compact anemometer!

[amazon box=”B00KYL3VNS” description_items=”3″ description_length=”100″]


  • Compact size for day-to-day carry
  • LCD display
  • Price (The cheapest in our roundup)


  • Limited measurement range
  • Small wind capture area
  • No bluetooth/smartphone connectivity

Best Anemometers for Smartphones (Andriod & iOS) – INFURIDER YF-866APP Digital Wireless Anemometer

If connecting your anemometer readings into your smartphone is a must-have, then look to the YF-866APP from INFURIDER. It is, in our opinion, the best digital anemometer on the market today!

It combines super-accurate tracking of 0.67~67 mph speed range and 14℉-113℉ temperature range. Furthermore, this is packed into a lightweight, compact and multifunctional design that’s sure to match any need.

But the real selling point here is the Bluetooth connectivity! This allows you to pair any iOS or Android smartphone for even greater tracking through their mobile app. Meaning, you can store all your readings on the go!

[amazon box=”B07ZVRNXPW” description_items=”3″ description_length=”100″]


  • Super-accurate tracking
  • Compact design
  • iOS/Android app connectivity via Bluetooth


  • Reviewers report poor performance at high wind speeds

Best Portable Vane Anemometer: Testo 410-2 Digital Pocket Vane Anemometer

If you’re working professionally and are looking for highly accurate wind readings, look no further. In fact, the 410-2 Vane Anemometer from Testo is highly regarded as one of the most reliable instruments on the market.

Whilst the range only covers 0.4 – 20 m/s, it’s 0.1m/s resolution means that accuracy is assured with every reading. Throw in further features for measuring air temperature, humidity, windchill, dewpoint, and wet bulb temperature and you have a device with functionality at it’s core.

Naturally, something this precise comes at a greater cost. However, reviewers commonly remark on the high build quality and fantastic customer service from Testo’s support team. This, of course, is in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong.

[amazon box=”B004VQPU86″ description_items=”3″ description_length=”100″]


  • Highly accurate measurements
  • High quality build design
  • Fantastic support from Testo


  • Price (The most expensive in our roundup)

Best Anemometers for HVAC: BTMETER BT-866A Pro Handheld HVAC Anemometer

If you’re working in the HVAC industry, you’ll know how important it is to get accurate readings. It is essential to ensure equipment is functioning correctly. Because of this, we’ve picked out another model from BTMETER, this time the HVAC specific BT-866A model.

Indeed, with the importance of the specific tasks at hand, this device focuses on the key measurements that matter to you. Wind speed, wind temperature, wind flow, relative humidity (%RH) and dew point are all accurately measured.

For those ‘slow draw’ systems, the device also uses 8 hyper-sensitive vanes to pick up slow winds down to 0.01m/s resolution.

Reviewers commonly use this device for duct measurements or dust intake assessments. In fact, this device is tried and tested for the tasks you need to complete in the HVAC industry.

[amazon box=”B07RXHFF8G” description_items=”3″ description_length=”100″]


  • Specialized for the HVAC industry
  • Range of different measurements
  • Highly accurate


  • Slightly more expensive
  • Limited connectivity features such as a smartphone app

Best Anemometers for Kids – ANNMETER AN-816B

If you’ve got a young wind enthusiast on your hands, the ANNMETER AN-816B could be the perfect gift for hours of fun!

As an anemometer, this is fairly standard in it’s functionality and measurements. However, some of it’s supplementary features make it absolutely great for kids.

Combine the small size (perfect for small hands) and the landyard (wear this device to stop it getting lost) and you can see why it’s perfect for kids. Add to this a bright screen (for easy reading) and you have a device that’s designed for young users.

Oh, and it’s fairly cheap too!

[amazon box=”B088QL9SP9″ description_items=”3″ description_length=”100″]


  • Great size for kids
  • Lanyard for carrying, bright screen for easy reading
  • Easy-read, bright display


  • Not as accurate or powerful as other Anemometers

Best Anemometers for Shooting – HOLDPEAK HP-866B Digital Anemometer

When shooting over a long distance, knowing the direction and strength of the wind is vital to get the perfect shot! And, there’s no better Anemometer on the market than the HOLDPEAK HP-866B for doing just that!

Specs-wise, it tracks speed across 0.3-30m/s and temperature across 10℃-45℃. Real-time measurement updates provide up-to-date analysis of environmental conditions. This ensures you always have the best intel for your next shot.

However, what is most significant is this device comes pre-packed with a sturdy tripod ensuring the perfect positioning. Having the device set where you need it means no interference when stalking your next long-range target.

[amazon box=”B07PRDD2L4″ description_items=”3″ description_length=”100″]


  • Real time measurement updates
  • Tripod for hands-free mounting
  • Super-accurate wind readings


  • Reports of faulty models (returns actioned immediately)

For more options, read: wind meters for shooting

That’s it for our roundup of the best anemometers on the market. Whether you’re looking to simply track the weather or monitor the conditions for outdoor sports. Maybe you need a device to aid your commercial work in HVAC? There are plenty of great devices out there perfect for each and every need! We hope our round-up of best anemometers helps you find the one that is right for you!

Looking for a weather station with an anemometer? Try our popular article on the best weather stations available to buy right now.

Best Weather Predicting Storm Glass: Reviews & Ultimate Guide

Best Weather Predicting Storm Glass: Reviews & Ultimate Guide

A weather predicting storm glass is fascinating, and, nice to look at. What more could you want in a fancy looking weather-predicting ornament?

A storm glass (also known as a ‘chemical weather glass’, and a ‘weather predicting glass’) is an instrument for predicting the weather that has been around since the 19th century. The liquid inside the glass may vary between manufacturers, but is usually a combination of distilled water, ethanol & chemicals.

The instrument was popularized around the 1860’s by Vice-Admiral Robert FitzRoy, although the original inventor is, to the best of my (and Wikipedia’s) knowledge, unknown.

In this article you’ll find everything you would ever want to know about storm glasses. But first, in case you’re in a hurry or just want some quick product/gift recommendations, here’s a glance at some top picks for different shapes/types/prices of storm glass:

At a glance: best storm glasses to buy

[amazon table=”2699″]

Wonderful! Now, for the attentive readers who have continued this far, let’s get into the meat of the subject. If you’re looking for something specific, feel free to click on these quick links to scroll down to your desired section. Let’s get into it!

In this article, I’ll cover:

Can a storm glass actually predict the weather?

How to read a storm glass

How much is a storm glass?

See our top picks & recommendations

Storm Glass Buying FAQs

Does a storm glass work indoors?

Where can you buy a storm glass?

Can you make your own storm glass?

What you can do if your storm glass isn’t working

Can A Storm Glass Predict The Weather?

Let’s get things straight right off the bat. To provide a quick answer to this question without making you read the full article, the answer is: well, not really.

Honestly, in this day and age, storm glasses are more of a curiosity piece, an ornament, and a conversation starter. A handful of small-scale experiments such as this one didn’t find a prediction success rate of greater than 50%.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s get into more storm glass info!

How To Read A Storm Glass

In most cases, whichever storm glass you buy will come with instructions on how to read it. There isn’t really a whole lot of variance.

Here’s a picture to see some common storm glass meanings:

how to read a storm glass

How to read a storm glass

As mentioned throughout this article, when you’re trying to read your storm glass, try to place it in such a way that it will avoid temperature swings. That means not in direct sunlight, not near a radiator or AC unit, etc.

There are more possible meanings than just those shown in the image above. For example: small suspended spots = frosty, large flakes = overcast/cloudy, snow in winter, cloudy with small spots/stars = stormy, and so on.

Again, my best advice to you would be to simply check the instructions of whichever storm glass you purchase. Which brings me onto the next point in this storm glass buying guide…

How Much Is A Weather Predicting Storm Glass?

The short answer? A storm glass will usually cost anywhere between $10 and $50.

On the lower end, you’ll find models such as the Kikkerland that I previously mentioned in the table above. It’s a great low-cost choice, with over 400 reviews on Amazon at the time of writing.

[amazon box=”B016X3VLMS”]

On the higher end, you’ll find some fancier and more unique storm glasses. One example of that could be this beautiful globe-shaped storm glass from Yosoooo, which makes a great decoration or gift.

[amazon box=”B083KB9H9H” description_items=”3″ description_length=”100″]

Like with anything, price depends on a ton of factors. Materials, brand, general build quality, and more. So instead of going into all the specifics of what impacts the price of a storm glass, let’s look at some real examples, with up-to-date prices where possible ?

Best Weather Predicting Storm Glass To Buy: Top Picks

This first one is my personal favorite. A beautiful globe with colorful liquid on an 8-inch long wooden base with the world map etched into the glass.

From a very well-known & reputable brand, no-less. I’ve recommended AcuRite products on this blog countless times, and they don’t disappoint here either.

Not only do you get a top quality storm glass with this product, but you also get a funky thermometer too. The temperature can be measured by each of the bulbs floating inside.

The AcuRite 00795A2 is a beautiful storm glass that paredicts the weather with some accuracy!

[amazon box=”B000A3IN10″]

This weather glass piece by Stanley London is just superb, and sure to be a conversation starter with any visitor!

The glass is hand-blown, and the spout is left open to the atmosphere. As a result, the water level in the spout will rise & fall compared to the level in the body according to air pressure. Nifty!

Perfect as a gift for a weather enthusiast. In fact, it’s great if you’re looking for something different to the standard globe/teardrop shapes of weather predicting storm glasses.

[amazon box=”B00O99SLQI” description_items=”3″ description_length=”100″]

This next storm glass is another beautiful globe shape on a wooden base, 9cm wide and 12cm tall. The base has a cool built-in LED light, and the product comes with a USB cable & on-off switch.

While this one looks cool, reviewers do comment that it’s a little on the fragile side. So, maybe look for something more sturdy if you’ve got children or pets! It’s also worth noting that some negative reviews here mention functionality. So a reminder… if your reason for buying a storm glass is to actually predict the weather, you may be disappointed.

[amazon box=”B0725JP3C3″]

If you’re looking to buy a storm glass online, I hope one of the several mentioned in this article takes your fancy!

Storm Glass Buying FAQs

For things that either didn’t fit in the article above, or things that you might want to get a super quick answer to, I’ve included some short FAQs about weather predicting storm glasses here.

Does A Storm Glass Work Indoors?

Absolutely! They are totally intended for indoor use. You should keep your storm glass indoors, ideally on a level surface.

It’s also worth noting that, if left in direct sunlight, the crystals could be affected leading to inaccuracy. In general, just avoid placing it anywhere it’s likely to get temperature swings. Not near a radiator, fireplace, air conditioning unit, and so on.

Where Can I Buy A Weather Predicting Storm Glass?

Keep it simple! I’d recommend sticking with Amazon. With Prime delivery, a bunch of reviews, one-click ordering and all the rest… I find it’s always the safe bet. Find the best weather predicting storm glasses on Amazon.

Can I Make My Own Storm Glass?

In case you’re more of a DIY kinda person… Rather than reinvent the wheel, I’ll direct you to this great YouTube video by the creator NightHawkInLight.

What Can I Do If My Storm Glass Isn’t Working?

Well, it depends what you mean by ‘working’. If you mean it’s not accurately predicting the weather then, I’ve got some bad news for you…

As I mentioned above, storm glasses do not appear to have any greater than 50/50 chance of getting the weather right.

If, however, you mean that your storm glass isn’t changing at all, then perhaps you need to make sure that all of the crystals have properly dissolved. To start, you should have completely clear liquid. If that is not the case, you’ll need to find a way to gently heat it up until all the crystals dissolve. Try gently heating the tube evenly with a hairdryer however, not too hot, the glass can crack!

We hope you have found this article both interesting and helpful. You may be interested in more weather gadget articles.

Best Home Wind Turbines 2020

Best Home Wind Turbines 2020

Home wind turbines provide a terrific energy-saving method in producing free electricity using the wind. As homeowners, we can can produce our own electricity and save on energy bills by installing a simple home wind turbine in the backyard.

With 50 to 90 percent savings on your electricity bill, home wind turbines are a practical option for homeowners who want to be more self-sufficient on energy. Also, most residential wind turbines are easy to install, so anybody can DIY. We have reviewed the best home wind turbines in 2020, and we’ve got our top choices below.


Top 4 Home Wind Turbines 2020: Editor’s Pick


Model:SHZOND Wind Generator 400W
Dimensions:28.3 x 11.8 x 8.2 in
Weight:17.4 lbs
Voltage:12/24V DC
Rotor Diameter:55 in
Startup Wind Speed:2.5m/s (8'/s)
Rated Wind Speed:12m/S (35'/s)
Operating Temp: -35~+75℃


1. Happybuy Wind Turbines Generator 400W

Happybuy Wind Turbine 400W

The most affordable wind turbines by Happybuy are designed specifically for off-grid residential homeowners. It’s DIY installation instructions will help set-up the wind turbine with ease.

Happybuy 400w residential wind turbines are durable, low maintenance, functions quietly and is very efficient. It’s a versatile model that’s good for both homeowners and businesses.



Top-Quality Material – made entirely of high-quality aluminum and stainless steel fittings

High-Strength Blades – plastic with 30% carbon fiber and anti-UV anti-corrosion material

Superior Performance – uses a permanent magnet rotor alternator, with a unique stator design

Easy Installation – DIY installation methods with all materials provided


Model:Automaxx DB-400
Dimensions:31.5 x 12.3 x 13.6 in
Weight:16.8 lbs
Voltage:12V DC
Rotor Diameter:48 in
Startup Wind Speed:6.7mph (9.8 ft/s)
Rated Wind Speed:46 ft/s
Rated Power:400W


2. SHZOND Wind Generator 400W

Shzond Wind Generator 400w

The 400-watt home wind turbines from Shzond are famous for their battery charging on boats, mobile homes, gazebos and chalets. This makes it an ideal choice for the leisure sector. It’s easy to install and has a human-friendly design.

The blades are reinforced glass fiber for optimized structure and aerodynamic shape. Maximum output of these home wind turbines is 1.4 KW. It also has a safety feature called the Charge Controller which protects the wind turbine from overcharging.



Glass Fiber Blades – helps structure optimization and aerodynamic shape of the wind turbine

Charge Controller – getting the most power out of the wind turbine while protecting it from overcharging

Easy Installation – DIY installation methods with all materials provided

Portability – designed for both land and marine


Model:Pacific Sky Power Starter Wind Turbine
Dimensions:3 x 15 x 1.2 in
Weight:1 lb
Voltage:12V DC
Rotor Diameter:15 in
Startup Wind Speed:8 mph (11.7 ft/s)
Rated Wind Speed:35.2 ft/s
Survival Wind Speed:50 mph



3. Automaxx Wind Turbine Generator Kit

Automaxx Wind Turbine Generator Kit

Automaxx DB-400 is another incredible home wind turbine on our list. It’s integrated MPPT helps convert high DC voltage into a lower voltage for optimum battery charging.

This home wind turbines generator kit also features an automatic braking system so there’s no need to worry about sudden wind gusts. It is made with high quality materials that can make it last longer, even under harsh weather condition.



Maximum Power Point Tracking – for optimal battery charging

Automatic Braking System – protection against sudden high wind speed

High-Quality Material – Polypropylene and Glass Fiber material with weather resistant seal. It has protection against salt water corrosion, UV, sudden voltage surge and wind gust.

Easy Installation – DIY setup instructions and all materials are provided


Model:Wind Turbine Generator 1500W 48V
Dimensions:96 x 67 x 61 in
Weight:20 lbs
Voltage:48V DC
Rotor Diameter:126 in
Startup Wind Speed:9.8 ft/s
Rated Wind Speed:36 ft/s
Survival Wind Speed148 ft/s
Operating Temp: -40 ~ 80 ℃


4. Pacific Sky Power Starter Wind Turbines

Pacific Sky Wind Turbine

Starter Wind Turbine works nicely at home, or in remote cabins and RVs or when camping. It comes with a durable 15-inch blade and a mounting strap that makes it portable. One of the safest home wind turbines, it’s effective and user-friendly.

According to users, this turbine also works pretty well with new inventions. Students even loved using it for their science projects. It’s used in boats, bicycles, vehicles and kites and can produce up to 15 watts. These nifty home wind turbines are best used with a solar panel to help keep battery topped up.



✔ Easy to install and safe to use

✔ Charge batteries and LED lights directly

✔ Portable and lightweight

Affordable but durable


Model:ECO LLC 800W Wind-Solar Generator Kit
Voltage:12/24V DC
Battery Capacity:200AH - 400AH
Startup Wind Speed:2.5m/s (8 ft/s)
Rated Wind Speed:10.5 m/S (34 ft/s)
Rotor Diameter:47 in
Tower Height:4.5m - 10m
Solar Panels Size:46 x 28 x 2 in


Also check the Best Affordable Home Wind Turbines: Below $500

2018 Best Home Wind Turbines Reviews

2018 Best Home Wind Turbines Reviews

Although wind farms already exist to provide power to some towns and communities, there are smaller wind turbines for home use. Home wind turbines convert wind energy into clean, non-polluting energy that becomes a back-up source for electricity at home.

These small home wind turbines can be installed in the backyard, on the rooftop or in any part of your home where the strong wind often passes through. Here we have included the best home wind turbines in the market today and also cheaper home wind turbines for those who are tight on budget.

Editor’s Note: Please check the latest update from 2019


Top 5 Best Home Wind Turbines in 2018

Editor Rating
Primus Air Breeze Off GridPrimus Air Breeze Off Grid Wind Turbine 160W / 24V
5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
Check on Amazon
Primus Air 30 Off Grid Wind Turbine 400WPrimus Air 30 Off Grid Wind Turbine 400W / 12V (Formerly Air X Land)
Check on Amazon
WINDMILL 1500W 24V 60A Wind Turbine Generator kitWINDMILL 1500W 24V 60A Wind Turbine Generator kit. MPPT charge controller included + automatic and manual breaking system & Amp meter. DIY installation.
4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)
Check on Amazon
Windmax HY400 500 WattWindmax HY400 500 Watt Max 12-Volt 5-Blade Residential Wind Generator Kit
3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)
Check on Amazon
ECO-WORTHY Watt Wind Turbine GeneratorECO-WORTHY 24 Volts 600 Watts Wind Solar Power: 1pc 12V/24V 400 Watt Wind Turbine Generator + 2pcs 12V 100 Watt Polycrystalline Solar Panel + 24cm Cable with MC4 Connector
3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)
Check on Amazon

Primus Air Breeze Off Grid Home Wind Turbine

Primus air breeze
Primus air breeze turbine

The Primus Windpower Air Breeze captures optimal energy from light to moderate winds. It’s the most powerful wind turbine generator in its class. Air Breeze home wind turbine has a low sound emission blades design, and integrated controls inside that regulate battery voltage. Air is wired directly to the battery bank for easy installation


✔ Improved microprocessor for reliable energy production

✔ High-quality, backed with a 5-year warranty

✔ Quiet operation

✔ Long-lasting mold cast aluminum body

✔ Lightweight and unique design for easy installation

✔ Marine-grade o-ring seal and stainless steel external fasteners

Model Number:1-ARBM-15-24
Dimensions:27 x 12.5 x 9 in
Weight:13 lbs
Voltage:12, 24 and 48 VDC
Energy Potential:38 kWh/month at 13.4 mph (6.0 m/s)
Rotor Diameter:46 in
Startup Wind Speed:7 mph
Survival Wind Speed:110 mph

Primus Air 30 Off Grid Home Wind Turbine

Primus Air 30 Turbine
Primus air 30

The Primus Wind Power Air 30 is designed specifically for small cabins, camping, RVs, garden lighting, etc., which requires little battery charging. The Air 30 home wind turbine is ideal for hybrid systems using solar power, but it’s not designed for marine applications like the Air X Marine. With more than 135,000 units sold worldwide, the Air 30 is one of the leading small wind turbines in the market.


✔ Integrated controller inside the turbine regulates battery voltage

✔ Wired directly to a battery bank

✔ Advanced microprocessor for reliable energy production

✔ Integrated overcharge protection

✔ High-quality with a 5-year warranty

✔ Quiet operation

✔ Permanent mold cast aluminum body

✔ Produces energy in light winds

Model Number:1-AR30-10-12
Dimensions:27 × 15 × 9 in
Weight:18 lbs
Voltage:400 Watts @ 28 mph
Energy Potential:30 kWh @ 12 mph per month
Rotor Diameter:46 in
Startup Wind Speed:8 mph
Survival Wind Speed:110 mph

Windmill 1500W Wind Turbine

Windmill 1500W Wind Turbine | home wind turbines
windmill wind turbine

The 1500W Wind Turbine is the largest and most advanced home wind turbine for home use. It is made from high-grade Polypropylene integrated with glass fiber which allows optimum functionality of this wind turbine. The 1500W Wind Turbine is light and durable and can generate energy from a “breeze.”


✔ DIY instruction included. Easy to setup

✔ Over Charging and Overheating Protection

✔ Durable and maintenance-free

✔ Non-polluting clean, renewable energy

✔  MPPT (Digital Display)

Model Number:DA-1500
Dimensions:40 x 67 x 67 in
Weight:33 lbs
Energy Potential:1500W
Rotor Diameter:5.6 ft
Startup Wind Speed:5.6 mph
Suggested Battery Capacity:200A or larger

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Windmax HY400 500W Wind Turbine

Windmax Wind Turbine | home wind turbines
windmax hy400

The Windmax HY 400 500W Wind Turbine may not impress you with its design, but it’s a suitable wind turbine for beginners. It has a five-blade design with 500W maximum output power at 12 volts. The test shows that you can get 18 amps at a wind speed of 6 meter per second, which is not bad for an entry-level home wind turbine.


✔ 5-blade design

✔ Reliable lightweight generator design

✔ Advanced electromagnetic over-speed control

✔ Aerodynamic blade speed limitation

✔ Solar/wind dual output capability

✔ Thermoplastic technologies for consistency

Model Number:HY400
Dimensions:45.2 x 18.8 x 10.8 in
Weight:58.4 lbs
Energy Potential:500W
No. of Blades5
Energy Potential: 18 amps @ 6mps

ECO-WORTHY 24 Volts 600 Watts Wind Solar Power

Eco-worthy 600W | home wind turbines
eco-worthy wind solar power

Eco-Worthy’s home wind turbine is a smart choice if you’re looking for an affordable home wind turbine. It’s ideal for remote cabins and homes that are windy areas. This kit doesn’t include a pole; you have to buy it separately.


✔ Easy Installation with a pre-drilled hole

✔ Waterproof IP-65 Rated Junction Box

✔ Resistance to Salt Corrosion and Humidity

✔ High-performance Nylon fiber blades by precision molding injection

✔ Overspeed protection

✔ Low start-up/cut-in wind speed

Model:ECO-WORTHY 24 Volts 600 Watts
Dimensions:Packing: 27.1 x 14.4 x 8.3in
Solar Panel: 38.3 x 26.2 x 1.38 in
Weight:Turbine: 17.64 lbs
Solar Panel: 20.2 lbs
Energy Potential:600W
Startup Wind Speed:2.5 m/s
Survival Wind Speed:35 m/s

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Best Gadgets To Measure Barometric Pressure

Best Gadgets To Measure Barometric Pressure

Last updated July 2020

Whatever your reason for needing to measure barometric pressure, you’re in the right place. Maybe you’re a sufferer of barometric pressure headaches… (sorry, I know they suck!). Maybe you’re into fishing or some other relevant sport.

The good news is that there is a pretty wide variety of devices that can help you out. Barometric pressure gauges, pressure monitors, weather stations — whatever you want to call them.

At A Glance: Barometric Pressure Readers

[amazon table=”2793″]

Below are some recommendations for you, depending on your needs. You’ll find things from a fully-featured weather station that includes a barometric pressure gauge, through to beautiful antiques, globes, anemometers and more. Feel free to use these quick-scroll links to skip ahead to a section:

AcuRite Weather Station With Barometric Pressure

Globe Barometer Glass

Antique Design Ambient Weather WS-YG315

Trac Fishing Barometer

Without further ado, let’s get into some options!

AcuRite 02008A1: Weather Station With Barometric Pressure Measurement & More

The AcuRite 02008A1 is a wireless weather station with a bunch of extra useful features, including measuring barometric pressure. This station has a digital LCD colored display where it shows the current barometric pressure, temperature, humidity, date, and time.

[amazon box=”B00VSBOKRY”]

It can also keep track of the barometric activity for a selected period. It’s Barometric Pressure History Chart displays a graph of the historical barometric pressure changes.

This is one of the more expensive choices for a tool that monitors barometric pressure, but there are a number of reasons why it could be worth it’s price tag. It is very feature-rich: color LED display with forecast, temperature, humidity and barometric pressure along and more. As far as weather stations go, the dark theme looks pretty nice too. Acurite are a super reputable brand in this field, so you can feel confident that this wll be a one-off cost. It’s a durable and long-lasting device which has every feature that you might need.

Final things worth pointing out: it generates self-calibrating forecasting every 12 to 24 hours, has easily adjustable brightness, and it is very easy to set up at home yourself.

Dimensions8" x 7" x 3"
DesignTabletop of wall mounted
Wireless Range330 ft.
InclusionsDigital weather station display, wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor, tabletop stand, AC power adapter, instruction manual

Pros & Cons

  • Multitasking
  • Very high quality
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Focused sensor
  • Extremely easy setup
  • Replaceable battery
  • Large Bright and colorful screen
  • Expensive
This is a great device to buy – although quite expensive but it can easily replace your usual clocks and upgrade your decoration standards along with providing useful details of weather, temperature, and humidity. It’s quite costly but it serves its purpose pretty well.

Check Latest Price

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Globe Barometer Glass For Measuring Barometric Pressure

This Globe Barometer Glass is a simple and straightforward gadget to measure barometric pressure. All you have to do is add a colored distilled water, and it is good to go. Changes in barometric pressure can be observed in the level of water in its spout.

[amazon box=”B0030J4Y1Y”]

Low water level indicates “High Pressure” which means fair weather, while High water level indicates “Low Pressure” which means bad weather.

Along with being a barometer glass, it brings along many other perks as well. Being a little fancy and decorative contributes to your interior ambience. The round globe structure is fascinating; it is sure to attract some attention from your guests! Also, it can be a very thoughtful and attractive gift to someone. It’s neither too expensive, nor is it something that needs to be thrown away when it stops working – because it can still be used as a showpiece. 

The only thing that’s missing in this product is glass-etching which would have added a lot of beauty to its look (though admittedly, this would increase the price too).

This device is basically a liquid barometer. It measures air pressure inside the liquid in the bottle to detect the weather conditions outside.

DesignGlobe with world
map etching
InclusionsDrip cup

Pros & Cons

  • Gorgeous look
  • Precise pressure indication
  • Best for interior decoration
  • Wallet-Friendly
  • Glass is not etched
  • It comes without instructions
It serves two in one purpose of decoration and detection of weather conditions at a very reasonable price. It gets delivered with two forecast bottles, one Blue water-soluble pigment, and one red pigment soluble pigment. If you are specifically looking for a liquid barometer, this would be a good choice.

Check Latest Price

Ambient Weather WS-YG315

This exquisitely handcrafted weather instrument from Ambient Weather measures barometric pressure, temperature, and humidity. It’s a traditional piece that makes excellent decorative art for a library, beautiful study, office or even a restaurant.

[amazon box=”B004GF1OVY”]

For an accurate barometric reading, it is advised that you lightly tap the glass near the centre brass to overcome any friction that may affect accuracy, especially during slow air pressure changes. For barometer calibration, feel free to check the Ambient Weather WS-YG315 Manual.

This beautiful traditional cherry finish dial can be a perfect addition to your home, office, libraries, study room, or anywhere else. Maybe even a laboratory! It’s an old-school handcrafted traditional barometer which would be appreciated wherever gets placed. It comes with an assured warranty of 1 year.

It detects temperature, pressure, and humidity. It comes with three pressure gauges – each one representing a different factor. The first dial at the top is a thermometer that is used to measure temperature. However, it is not as accurate as the bulb thermometers used to measure the temperature of the body, but it works fine.

The second pressure gauge from the top is a hygrometer which is used to measure humidity. It is often discussed that the humidity is not as much use as the temperature and other factors but it can be helpful for the detection of molds. High humidity leads to the growth of molds and the prior detection of which is a +1. Although the hygrometer almost takes an hour to reach the level of accuracy, it’s still very helpful, and more accurate than other methods.

The third pressure gauge at the bottom is – you guessed it the barometer. The reason why it features in this article! It is an aneroid barometer that is used to measure air pressure which ultimately detects the weather conditions.

The Trac Fishing Barometer

The Trac Fishing Barometer is ideal for tracking pressure for fishing success; however, this is also a great gadget to bring with you anywhere to monitor barometric pressure. It has a color-coded dial which indicates typical weather conditions for tremendous or poor fishing. This gadget is easy to calibrate for local barometric pressure.

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Obviously, as you may deduce from the name, this option is best for those who need to measure barometric pressure specific for the purposes of fishing. There’s not much more to be said on this, other than a reminder that you don’t need to be into fishing to utilize this device. You can simply use it as a portable option for measuring barometric pressure on the go.

One of the specific features of this option, is that it’s waterproof. Ready to be used near the sea, rivers, lakes, ponds and so on. It can easily withstand the splashing of water, and will continue working perfectly. Although I wouldn’t necessarily recommend you try it, much like I wouldn’t recommend submerging a waterproof smartphone for no reason… it does actually float. Neat! No problems retrieving it if you drop it out of a boat or something. Probably…

Dimensions4" x 1.8" x 5"
Weight1.2 lbs
MaterialSure-grip ABS plastic housing, braided lanyard

Pros & Cons

  • Colour display with segmented zones
  • Completely waterproof
  • Aperture makes it float in case of accident dripping
  • Adjustable pressure change indicator
  • Needs reset every time it’s turned off
This is one of the amazing devices suitable for fishing specifically. It is pocket-friendly and worth carrying for fishing.

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Final Words:

There are a number of devices available in the market to measure barometric pressure, and all of them can be used for different purposes successfully as per the available budget. Don’t compromise with what you pay, choose the best one wisely.

Coolest Gifts for Weather Geeks this 2018

Coolest Gifts for Weather Geeks this 2018

Note: we published a new & updated guide to weather-related gifts in April 2020. Check it out! Weather Related Gifts For Weather Geeks.

“Everyone Talks About the Weather…”

Being able to share accurate weather data does not seem as exciting as sharing a snapshot. Here’re some Coolest Gifts for Weather Geeks this 2018

A picture is worth a thousand words. If you are going to use real words in a social media post, many of those words are likely going to be about how nasty or how nice the weather is.

Weather is universal, it affects everyone, and we can all relate to it. Think about your real-life social encounters, if you meet someone for the first time and don’t know if you have anything in common, what is the one topic you can always talk of? It is not your Fantasy Football team.

We’ll discuss later accurate weather data, but If you’re thinking about an unconventional way to show the “weather in one picture” you can go for one of the coolest weather gifts out on the market. The Storm Glass it won’t replace your backyard weather station, but the crystals in the glass will form beautiful patterns that will make a good conversation in any room. 


Storm Glass Weather Predictor

Storm Glass Weather Predictor |

How about a practical coolest gifts for weather geeks that shows that special person you support their interest in weather and that you care about their safety?  Get a weather radio.

Aside from receiving weather updates from the National Weather Service, weather radios also broadcast warnings related to natural hazards and public safety issues. If you don’t have a weather radio at home, you might want to buy one.

Midland WR-120 NOAA Public Alert-Certified Weather Radio

Midland WR-120 NOAA Public Alert-Certified Weather Radio |


The Most “Social” Social Networks

Before the Internet became a place to share cute cat videos and pictures of the great pancakes you had for breakfast, it was a place for sharing valuable information. That spirit lives on with Personal Weather Station Networks. PWSNs link the data from hundreds, even thousands of personal weather stations that contains coolest gifts for weather geeks across the country and around the world. By combining the data provided by this community of amateur scientists, forecasts of unprecedented accuracy and timeliness are possible.

All you need to join a PWSN is a stable Internet connection and a reliable, automated personal weather station like the Weatherhawk 916 Wireless.\


WeatherHawk 916 Wireless

WeatherHawk 916 Wireless |

If you need something more “budget-friendly” our next pick would be the AcuRite 01024 Pro Weather Station. It’s wireless, and it comes with Lightning Detector, HD Display, Rain Gauge, Wind Speed and Direction, Temperature & Humidity Sensor.


AcuRite 01024 Pro Weather Station 

AcuRite 01024 Pro Weather Station | coolest gifts for weather geeks|

Wireless Technology

In a previous article, we discussed the advantages of Cabled Weather Stations. However, if you don’t want to get “entangled” and you’re looking for the latest technology, a wireless Weather Station is what you need. You have to mount it in a location where it gets full exposure to the weather and align with True North, and the single unit construction makes this simple. The solar backup power means it is reliable and worry-free once you install it, and the 1000′ transmission range allows significant freedom in installation choices.

The data displayed on the HD screen base station provides an easy to understand graphics of current conditions as well as a running record of past trends, which is very useful for gardening and landscaping, as well as telling you whether you will want a sweater for your evening walk.

Take the Weather with You

A personal weather station will do a reading of local conditions at home, and PWSNs give conditions at specific locations, but what about the weather where you want to go out and play?

It doesn’t matter if you go outside to play golf, hike through the mountain, windsurf, picnic, paraglide, B.A.S.E. jump or birdwatch, current weather conditions at your location have a direct bearing on the success of your adventure.

The WeatherHawk WM-350 is a fully-functional weather station that you can carry in your pocket. In an instant, you can get an up-to-date using it as an instrument to measure wind speed, direction, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind chill or heat index, altitude, and air density, all from a handy device that fits in your pocket.


WeatherHawk WM-350 | coolest gifts for weather geeks |

The WeatherHawk WM-350, along with other portable wind meters, weather measuring instruments, are available in Amazon. However, regardless of your choice, don’t forget to take your eyes from that tiny screen and go outdoors. Nature is amazing!