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6 Best Anemometers For Every Need In 2021

As we roll into 2021, here at WeatherStationary we’re back again with another expert weather instrument comparison.

You’ll know that we regularly take a look at the best weather tools on the market, comparing their accuracy, price and durability to ensure you find the best products for you!

As we write this, it’s the height of winter, so what better time to take a look at anemometers. Whether you’re simply looking for a wind tracking accessory, a handy tool for outdoor recreation or are requiring an anemometer for commercial use, let’s look at some of the best models on the market!

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But before you jump into our review below, it’s worth having a think about what you may need from your next Anemometer – here’s some key areas to consider:

  • Accuracy – Consider how precise your Anemometer needs to be. If your livelihood or reputation depends on super accurate readings make sure it’s very precise. If you’re just a hobbyist or weather enthusiast, super accurate readings may not be a priority.

  • Functionality – Whilst most Anemometer’s are fairly standard, think about any additional features you may need to compliement your weather station setup or for carrying out your inspections. Whether that be specific measurement scales you require or connectivity with your other weather instruments, ensure whichever Anemometer has the specs you need.

  • Durability – Any weather-related instrument is an investment, so you want to ensure you make the most of it! Anemometer’s are no different, so getting a product that can provide long-term reliability is a must! As an example, if you’re measuring somewhere that’s exposed to harsh conditions make sure you invest in a robust enough instrument to keep your tracking up and running for years to come.

  • Technology – Modern Anemometers now vary in their use of technology, with many offering the ability to track the elements remotely. If you want something with remote monitoring built in, a wireless-enabled device, potentially that connects to a smartphone, is a must have when making your buying decision.

Best Overall Anemometer: BTMETER BT-100APP Digital Wind Speed Anemometer

If you’re looking for the best all round anemometer on the market for general use, look no further than the BT-100APP model from BTMETER.

It combines all the features most people will need with wind speed tracking across 0.3~30m/s, temperature tracking across -10~45℃, a backlit LCD screen and app connectivity via bluetooth all within a small and sturdy package.

Reviewers especially love the versatility of this device, with tracking in m/s, km/h, ft/min, knots, mph for speed and ℃/℉ for tempartaure. Add this to the ability to export the data results in a variety of different formats, including CSV, and you’ll find this is the perfect Anemometer for both work and play.

BTMETER Digital Wind Speed Anemometer Handheld, Wireless Bluetooth Vane Anemometer Meter for Wind Chill, Speed, Temperature Monitor BT-100APP
  • 【Multifunction Pro Anemometer】 Wind Speed, Temperature, Wind Chill and Battery Power in one LCD...
  • 【Accurate Wind Meter】Wind Speed Meter for measuring wind speed range 0.67~67.1 mph(+/- 5% of...
  • 【Save Your Battery】Auto Power OFF, Manual / Auto Back Light Function, Data Hold, Data Logger,...

Last update on 2021-01-27


  • Great all round features for most people
  • Mobile app connectivity via Bluetooth
  • Affordable


  • More accurate Anenometers are available

Best Affordable Pocket Anemometer: Proster Handheld Wind Speed Meter Anemometer

Whilst all of the anemometers we’ll cover in this roundup are handheld, if you’re looking for a device that’s truly pocket-size, we’d recommend the Proster Handheld Wind Speed Meter Anemometer.

At just 105mm x 40mm, this anemometer by Proster doesn’t add to your load in any way and instead will fit easily into a pocket without you knowing it’s there.

But don’t be fooled, despite the size, this is still a great bit of kit. With the ability to measure speeds between 0-30m/s and temparatures between -10 – 45 Centigrade. Alongside a handy LCD screen and mode control buttons, it’s the perfect compact anemometer!

Proster Handheld Wind Speed Gauge, Digital Air Temperature Wind Velocity Meter with LCD Backlight, MAX/ AVG/ Current Mode for Shooting Windsurfing Kiteflying Sailing
  • Measure wind speed,wind chill and temperature;The LCD backlight screen makes it easier to read in...
  • Compact and Lightweight,Easy to Carry; Auto/ Manual Power Off; High Precision Pressure Sensor
  • Wind Speed Range: 0-30m/s; Wind Speed Unit: m/s, Km/h, ft/min, Knots, mph

Last update on 2021-01-27


  • Compact size for day-to-day carry
  • LCD display
  • Price (The cheapest in our roundup)


  • Limited measurement range
  • Small wind capture area
  • No bluetooth/smartphone connectivity

Best Anemometer for Smartphones (Andriod & iOS) – INFURIDER YF-866APP Digital Wireless Anemometer

If connecting your anemometer readings into your smartphone is a must-have, the YF-866APP from INFURIDER is, in our opinion, the best digital anemometer out there!

It combines super-accurate tracking of 0.67~67 mph speed range and 14℉-113℉ temperature range into a lightweight, compact and multifunctional design that’s sure to match any need.

But the real selling point here is the Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to pair any iOS or Android smartphone for even greater tracking through their mobile app. Meaning you can store all your readings on the go!

INFURIDER Digital Wireless Anemometer with APP via Bluetooth,YF-866APP Handheld Wind Speed Meter Wind Speed Gauge for Measuring Wind Speed/Temperature with Backlit and Max/Min/Avg
  • 🔹【APP via Bluetooth】The wind speed meter can be easily and automatically connected to your...
  • 🔹【Accurate Anemometer】Accurately measuring wind speed 0.67~67 mph, wind temp from...
  • 🙂🔹【Multifunctional Wind Gauge】With data hold, large backlight screen, easy to read even in...

Last update on 2021-01-26


  • Super-accurate tracking
  • Compact design
  • iOS/Android app connectivity via Bluetooth


  • Reviewers report poor performance at high wind speeds

Best Portable Vane Anemometer: Testo 410-2 Digital Pocket Vane Anemometer

If you’re working professionally and are looking for highly accurate wind readings, the 410-2 Vane Anemometer from Testo is highly regarded as one of the most reliable instruments on the market.

Whilst the range only covers 0.4 – 20 m/s, it’s 0.1m/s resolution means that accuracy is assured with every reading. Throw in further features for measuring air temperature, humidity, windchill, dewpoint, and wet bulb temperature and you have a device with functionality at it’s core.

Naturally something this precise comes at a greater cost, but reviewers commonly remark on the high build quality and fantastic customer service from Testo’s support team in the unlikely event anything goes wrong.

Testo 410-2 Digital Pocket Vane Anemometer, 0.4 to 20 m/s Velocity, -10 to +50° C Temperature, 0 to 100% RH
  • Vane anemometer measures air velocity in m/s, air temperature in degrees C, and humidity in %RH; and...
  • Hold function freezes a reading on the display and maximum and minimum functions display the highest...
  • Timed mean function displays an average reading over time

Last update on 2021-01-26


  • Highly accurate measurements
  • High quality build design
  • Fantastic support from Testo


  • Price (The most expensive in our roundup)

Best Anemometer for HVAC: BTMETER BT-866A Pro Handheld HVAC Anemometer

If you’re working in the HVAC industry, you’ll know how important it is to get accurate readings to ensure equipment is functioning correctly. Because of this, we’ve picked out another model from BTMETER, this time the HVAC specific BT-866A model.

Because of the specific tasks at hand, this device focuses on the key measurements that matter to you: wind speed, wind temperature, wind flow, relative humidity (%RH) and dew point. For those ‘slow draw’ systems, the device also uses 8 hyper-sensitive vanes to pick up slow winds down to 0.01m/s resolution.

Reviewers commonly use this device for duct measurements or dust intake assessments, so you know this device is tried and tested for the tasks you need to complete in the HVAC industry.

BTMETER BT-866A Pro Handheld HVAC Anemometer for CFM Air Flow, Wind Speed Meter Gauge Measures Wind Velocity Temp %RH Dew Point with USB Sync to PC
  • ★【Wind Data Sync on Computer】 This wind velocity meter can measure Wind Speed, wind...
  • ★【High Accurate HVAC CFM Meter】Measures high Wind Velocity range 0.3~40 m/s, +/- 2.0% + 50,...
  • ★【USB Data Logging】With a metal screw hole in the bottom so you can mount it on a tripod for...

Last update on 2021-01-26


  • Specialized for the HVAC industry
  • Range of different measurements
  • Highly accurate


  • Slightly more expensive
  • Limited connectivity features such as a smartphone app

Best Anemometer for Kids – ANNMETER AN-816B

If you’ve got a young wind enthusiast on your hands, the ANNMETER AN-816B could be the perfect gift for hours of fun!

As an anemometer, this is fairly standard in it’s functionality and measurements but it’s some of it’s supplementary features that make it great for kids.

Combine the small size (perfect for small hands), the landyard (wear this device to stop it getting lost) and it’s bright screen (for easy reading) and you have a device that’s perfect for youngsters – Oh, and it’s fairly cheap too!

Digital Anemometer,Mini Handheld Wind Speed Gauge Measuring Air Flow Velocity Temperature,Weather Velometer with Max/Avg/Current Wind Chill for HVAC Shooting Sailing(ANNMETER AN-816B)
  • ✔【Pocket-sized】-With ultra tiny size of 44.5" *15.7" *5.9" , this lightweight wind indicator...
  • ✔【Easy Operation】-Press any key to activate anemometer to take wind measurement. Auto shut off...
  • ✔【Wide Application】-Installed with Max/Average/Current mode, wind chill indication,...

Last update on 2021-01-26


  • Great size for kids
  • Lanyard for carrying, bright screen for easy reading
  • Great, bright display


  • Not as accurate or powerful as other Anemometers

Best Anemometer for Shooting – HOLDPEAK HP-866B Digital Anemometer

When shooting over a long distance, knowing the direction and strength of the wind is vital to ensuring you get the perfect shot! And there’s no better Anemometer on the market than the HOLDPEAK HP-866B for doing just that!

Specs wise it tracks speed across 0.3-30m/s and temperature across 10℃-45℃. Real-time measurement updates provide uo-to-date analysis of environmental conditions ensuring you always have the best intel for your next shot.

But most significantly, this device comes pre-packed with a sturdy tripod ensuring the perfect positioning, with no interference, when stalking your next long-range target.

HOLDPEAK HP-866B Digital Anemometer Handheld Wind Speed Meter Gauges with Data Hold,Backlight, Wind Chill Indication for Flying, Hiking & Shooting (Bonus a Small Tripod)
  • ★【HIGH ACCURACY】Wind Speed Range from 0.3~30m/s,Temperature Range :-10℃~45℃,The Accuracy...
  • ★【MULTIFUNCTIONAL ANEMOMETER THAT YOU WILL NEED】Wind Speed,Temperature and Wind Chill in one...
  • ★【TRIPOD HOLE】There is a tripod hole at the bottom of the anemometer,you can fix the...

Last update on 2021-01-26


  • Real time measurement updates
  • Tripod for hand-free mounting


  • Reports of faulty models (returns actioned immediately)

For more options, read: wind meters for shooting

That’s it for our roundup of the best anemometers on the market. Whether you’re simply looking to track the weather, monitor the conditions for sports or to aid your commercial work, there’s plenty of great devices out there perfect for each and every need!

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