Best Affordable Home Wind Turbines: Below $500

We’re recently reviewed and wrote about the best home wind turbines, however those we’re high-end home wind turbines which means they are mostly expensive. We’ve decided to review five more home wind turbines that are more affordable without compromising quality.

Editor Rating
VEVOR Wind Turbine 400WattVEVOR Wind Turbine 400Watt Wind Turbine Generator DC 12V
3.9 out of 5 stars
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Taishi 400W Power Wind TurbineTaishi 400W Power 12V / 24V 5 Blades Horizontal Wind Turbine Generator Kit With Controller
5 out of 5 stars
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ECO-WORTHY 400W Wind TurbineECO-WORTHY 400W Wind Turbine Generator + 100W Polycrystalline Solar Panel for Off Grid 12 Volt Battery Charging
3.3 out of 5 stars
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SHZOND Wind Generator 400WSHZOND Wind Generator 400W Hybrid Wind Turbine Generator
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Happybuy Wind Generator 300WHappybuy Wind Generator 300W Hybrid Wind Turbine Generator
2.4 out of 5 stars
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VEVOR Home Wind Turbine 400Watt

VEVOR Home Wind Turbine 400Watt

The Vevor 400 Watt wind turbine is a small and lightweight home wind turbine with an attractive design. It’s made from high-quality aluminum alloy and stainless steel with a magnetic circuit motor that runs smoothly and quietly. The operating temperature of its fan is from 30-60 degrees, which makes it applicable for most parts of the world.


✔ Small and Lightweight human-friendly design

✔ Easy to install and high-quality build

✔ Low start-up speed with High power utilization

✔ Battery overcharging protection

✔ Quiet operation

Model Number:Vevor 400Watt
Dimensions: 25 x 13 x 8 in
Weight:17.28 lbs
Voltage: DC27-54V
Rated Power:400W
Rotor Diameter:1.2 m
Startup Wind Speed: 2.5m/s
Battery Capacity:110 mph

Taishi 400W Horizontal Home Wind Turbine

Taishi 400W Horizontal Home Wind Turbine

The Taishi 400W is a 5-blade horizontal home wind turbine that is ideal for home use, monitoring use or boat use. This home wind turbine has a low wind start-up, and it automatically adjusts to wind direction. Although it’s a real powerhouse, it produces low noise and vibration. This wind generator is famous for battery charging mobile homes, gazebos, boats, etc.


✔ Wind direction auto adjustment

✔ Made of die-casting aluminum alloy

✔ Low wind start-up

✔ Quiet operation and low vibration

✔ 30 to 60 degrees working condition

✔ Includes 1-year warranty

Model Number:Taishi 400W 5 Blade
Weight:15 lbs
Rated Wind Speed:13 m/s
Startup Wind Speed:2 m/s
Survival Wind Speed:50 m/s
Rotor Diameter:1.35 m
Number of Blades:5

ECO-WORTHY 400W Wind Turbine Generator + 100W Polycrystalline Solar Panel

ECO-WORTHY 400W Home Wind Turbine Generator

The Eco-Worthy 400W is the cheaper counterpart of its 600W model. Its maximum daily output is 1.4KW and works even if there’s only wind power or solar power, hybrid or single power. Just like other Eco-Worthy home wind turbines, the 400W is ideal for remote homes or cabins that are windy areas.


✔ Aluminum housing design that’s good for heat resistance

✔ Lightweight but durable built

✔ High-performance nylon fiber blades

✔ Unique electro-magnet design for low startup wind speed

✔ Aerodynamic blade elasticity for over-speed protection

✔ Hybrid controller for wind turbine and solar panel


Dimensions:Packing: 27.1 x 14.4 x 8.3in
Solar Panel: 39.3 x 26.2 x 1.38 in
Weight:Turbine: 17.64 lbs
Solar Panel: 20.2 lbs
Energy Potential:400W
Startup Wind Speed:2.5 m/s
Survival Wind Speed:35 m/s

SHZOND 400W Hybrid Wind Turbine

SHZOND 400W Hybrid Home Wind Turbine Generator

The SHZOND 400W home wind turbine generator is ideal for the leisure industry. It has become famous for battery charging on mobile homes, gazebos, boats or chalets. It almost has the same specs with Eco-Worthy 400W minus the Solar panel making it cheaper.

It also has a Charge Controller function for each wind turbine allowing you to get the most power out of this home wind turbine as well as to protect your home wind turbine from overcharging.


✔ User-friendly design

✔ Lightweight and easy DIY installation

✔ High wind power utilization

✔ Low vibration

✔ Blades are made from reinforced glass fiber

✔ Optimized structure and aerodynamic shape

Model:SHZOND 400W
Dimensions:Wind Turbine: 27 x 14.4 x 8.3 in
Controller: 5.9 x 3.4 x 1.1 in
Rotor Diamerter:1.2 m
Rated Power:400W
Startup Wind Speed:2.5 m/s
Working Temperature:-35~+75℃
Package Content:Wind Turbine x 1
Controller x 1
Nose Cone x 1
Set Screws and Nuts x 1
Blades x 3
Instruction Manual x 1

Happybuy 300W Wind Turbine Generator

Happybuy 300W Wind Turbine Generator

The Happybuy 300W Wind Turbine Generator is the cheapest home wind turbine on this list. If you’re on a budget and a newbie, this is the one for you. It is perfect for the home yard, boats, advertising signs, telecommunications tower, etc. It might not produce as much energy but it sure it will help on for its purpose.


✔ Clean and aerodynamic lines

✔ Quiet and continuous operation

✔ Fully automatic with the brake system for over-speed protection


Model:Popsport 300W
Dimensions:25 x 11 x 9 in
Rated power300W
Number of blade:6
Startup Wind Speed:4 m/s
Survival Wind Speed:40 m/s
Working Temperature:-45°C-70°C

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