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Many of us have had plans ruined by an unexpected really bad headache.  For those who suffer from weather-related headaches, knowing the atmospheric pressure changes can allow you to plan better.  If you know the weather is turning, you can readily apply some of these natural remedies for barometric pressure headaches.

Most people can’t predict when a headache will occur and what situation is going to trigger them.  However, certain stimuli are well known for causing these headaches in some people.  If you identify with this, you can take measures against allergies, barometric pressure headaches, or stress/tension headaches. 

Changes in air pressure can induce barometric headaches in some people and it is always a wise decision to keep an eye on the weather if you have a tendency to develop these.  As atmospheric pressure is constantly changing, we are going to share some natural remedies for barometric pressure headaches.

What Is A Barometric Pressure Headache?

Barometric pressure headaches develop when the pressure of the surrounding air changes.  There are cavities in our skull bones that are called sinuses.  These sinuses are filled with air, so when the outside air pressure changes, it will cause a change to the air pressure inside your head.  This pressure change can cause pain.

People who are susceptible to these headaches often get them when they are traveling on airplanes.  This is because of the acute change in air pressure on take-off and landings.  Others may have them when a storm is coming.


In addition to the usual pain and discomfort, there are other symptoms one may experience when having a barometric pressure headache. 

  • Pain in either or both temples
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Numbness of the face and neck
  • An increase in sensitivity to light
symptoms of barometric pressure headaches

Prevention And Natural Remedies For Barometric Pressure Headaches

Everybody is busy these days, so taking time away from your duties when you have a headache is often not viable.   For students, taking time away from their education can really put them behind their peers.  In fact, air pressure changes are very common and if you are susceptible, you may not want to be always reaching for painkillers.  

There are medicinal cures as well as certain natural and home remedies that can help alleviate your pain and lessen the symptoms.  Most of these natural remedies for barometric pressure headache and prevention revolve around lifestyle and health choices.

Keeping inflammation within the sinuses controlled is very important for weather-related headaches.  

It is important to know the weather conditions that bring on your headaches.  Once you have identified these, you might look to invest in a home weather station that allows you to accurately forecast coming weather conditions.  

Let’s learn how to minimize the risk of getting, and some natural remedies for barometric pressure headaches.

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More Preventive Measures Avoiding Barometric Pressure Headaches

Lifestyle Choices
  • Practice good sleep hygiene.  Get a good 7-8 hours of sleep each night.  Try not to use any gadgets at least 2 hours before going to bed, and never use them in bed.  Sleep is essential for normal body function and any interruption in it can lead to health issues including headaches.
  • Avoid having a stressful routine.  Manage your working hours and ensure you factor in some relaxation time.  Prolonged stress causes changes in hormone levels such as adrenaline, estrogen and progesterone, and testosterone in men.  These changes can affect inflammation within the body, including the sinuses.  If you are susceptible to barometric pressure headaches, a natural remedy is to keep inflammation under control.
  • Develop a habit of practicing some stress relaxation techniques in your daily life. Yoga, breathing exercises, and meditation are really helpful in this regard.  Not only is relaxing a natural remedy for barometric pressure headaches, but your whole body will also benefit.
Diet Choices Can Impact Barometric Pressure Headaches
  • Try to eat healthy foods, especially fish, eggs, flaxseeds, and walnuts.  These contain omega three fatty acids which are beneficial for people who suffer from headaches.
  • Start exercising if you do not do so already and be regular in your workouts.  Exercise releases endorphins and other chemicals that are good for our health and these lead to a better mood and boost immunity too.
  • Stay hydrated. Keeping a check on your water intake is necessary because dehydration adds stress to the body.  An adequate water intake is usually around 8 standard glasses each day.
  • Have a balanced diet and do not skip meals.  Always remember that your brain needs glucose to function properly and you ought to provide that to it.  Also, avoid unnecessary use of caffeine and caffeinated products.  Tea and coffee are mild diuretics and can often be triggers for headaches.
  • Avoid the intake of alcohol and other stimulants.  These may cause dehydration and one of the natural remedies for barometric pressure headaches are to make sure you are hydrated.
  • If you feel that you are having a headache or one is imminent, it is a great idea to have an NSAID. These often help with any sinus inflammation, and we believe it is better to curb it at an early stage than to let it worsen.

How To Manage Barometric Pressure Headaches Naturally

If you have started having symptoms or are in a full barometric pressure headache, your chosen course of action will be different from the above.  Clear your schedule and try to rest as much as possible. Pain relief may be a good option if the headache is well underway.  

The following natural remedies for barometric pressure headaches can help alleviate the pain.

1.  Continue practicing your relaxation techniques. 

They will not only keep you calm but also help with the pain by reducing blood pressure and increasing your oxygen levels.

2.  Do not do strenuous exercise. 

Limit your physical activity and exertion as this will increase blood pressure and can make the headache worse. Try some gentle stretching, especially of the upper neck, and tension here can affect the head and face.

3.  Take an ice pack, roll it in a cloth and apply it over the affected area. 

Cold may provide temporary relief from the pain, especially if it is severe.  Ice packs can be easy natural remedies for barometric pressure headaches as the application can reduce air pressure within the sinuses.

4.  Avoid any triggers such as caffeine and alcohol when you are experiencing a headache. 
5.  Take CoQ10, magnesium, and vitamin supplements. 

You should be taking these regularly if you are a headache sufferer, however, when in the throes of a headache they may help reduce the pain.  

6.  Take a warm and relaxing shower or bath. 

Heat may help relieve a barometric pressure headache.  It can do this in a few ways – changing the air pressure in the sinuses and releasing tension in the muscles of the neck and upper back.

7.  A scalp massage may help.  

Either give yourself one or ask a friend or spouse to help you.  Use long gentle strokes and focus on the base of the skull and the forehead.

8.  Since these headaches often come with a sensitivity to light, avoid the bright outdoors or brightly lit areas. 

Where this is not a natural remedy for barometric pressure headaches, it certainly makes a lot of sense.

When Natural Remedies For Barometric Pressure Headaches Are Not Enough

All of these are general measures to help reduce the pain of headaches naturally.   There are other natural solutions, but you will need to see a specialist for them. 

For instance, acupuncture is a technique that may be very helpful but you will need to see a qualified professional.  Head, neck, and shoulder massages can help relieve tension around the head and cupping also works the same way.  Again, you should consult a qualified masseuse.  

During our research, we even came across the use of medicinal marijuana.  However, the research data was mainly for migraine sufferers.  


Any headache can be debilitating and frustrating but weather-related headaches can be particularly bad.  You can’t control the weather, so natural remedies for barometric pressure headaches can be really important for sufferers.

Eating well, keeping dehydrated, getting good sleep, and using relaxation techniques may all help prevent barometric pressure headaches – or at least keep the pain easier.  This is because doing these things helps reduce inflammation, stress, and blood pressure.  

Not only that, it is important to know the weather patterns that cause your headaches to come on.  That way, you can look ahead at weather forecasts to see when you may be likely to come down with one.  In fact, you could even look at owning a home weather station to have personal forecasts for your area.