Best Gadgets To Measure Barometric Pressure

Best Gadgets To Measure Barometric Pressure

If you’re a sufferer of barometric pressure headache, you’ll know it is really difficult to deal with. And in spite of the large number of weather-sensitive individuals, nobody can still explain the exact reason why changes in weather cause these headaches.

So what’s the best you can do about headaches caused by barometric pressure? Keep track of weather changes by having a barometer at home. Below are the top gadgets to measure barometric pressure.



Globe Barometer Glass

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This Globe Barometer Glass is a simple and straightforward gadget to measure barometric pressure. All you have to do is add a colored distilled water and it is good to go. Changes in barometric pressure is observed in the level of water in it’s spout.

Low water level indicates “High Pressure” which means fair weather, while High water level indicates “Low Pressure” which means bad weather.

DesignGlobe with world
map etching
InclusionsDrip cup

Here’s how to fill your Globe Barometer Glass




Ambient Weather WS-YG315

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This fine handcrafted weather instrument from Ambient Weather measures not only barometric pressure but also temperature and humidity. It’s a traditional piece that makes a great decorative art for library, fine study, office or fine scale restaurant.

To get an accurate barometric reading, it is high advisable to  lightly tap the glass near the center brass to overcome any friction that may affect accuracy, especially during slow air pressure changes. For barometer calibration kindly check the  Ambient Weather WS-YG315 Manual.


Dimensions12.5" x 5" x 1.5"
Dials2.5" Diameter
MaterialsWood base w/ lacquer cherry finish, Glass bezels
NoteBarometer only operates to 3,000'. Do not order if you live above 3,000 ft.



AcuRite 02008A1

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The AcuRite 02008A1 is a wireless weather station that measures weather changes including barometric pressure. This has a digital LCD colored display where it shows the current barometric pressure, temperature, humidity, date and time.

This weather station does not only measure barometric pressure but also keeps track of the barometric activity for a selected period of time. It’s Barometric Pressure History Chart displays a graph of the historical barometric pressure changes.


Dimensions8" x 7" x 3"
DesignTabletop of wall mounted
Wireless Range330 ft.
InclusionsDigital weather station display, wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor, tabletop stand, AC power adapter, instruction manual



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ennoLogic eA980R

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The ennoLogic eA980R is a handheld feature-loaded anemometer that’s perfect for sports-minded people. Although it is mainly built to measure wind speed, it’s also a great gadget to measure barometric pressure and again, it’s portable. You can measure eight weather values in one handy gadget.

Dimensions4.3” x 1.8” x 0.8”
Weight2.1 oz
Barometric Pressure Limit0.29 to 32.48 inHg, ±0.05 inHg
Inclusionsunit, carrying case, lanyard, LIR2032 battery, and user manual

Download manual HERE.



Trac Fishing Barometer

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The Trac Fishing Barometer is ideally designed for tracking pressure for fishing success, however this is also a great gadget to bring with you anywhere to monitor barometric pressure. It has a color coded dial which indicates typical weather conditions for great or poor fishing. This gadget is easy to calibrate for local barometric pressure.

Dimensions4" x 1.8" x 5"
Weight1.2 lbs
MaterialSure-grip ABS plastic housing, braided lanyard

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