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Best Weather Predicting Storm Glass: Reviews & Ultimate Guide

A weather predicting storm glass is fascinating, and, nice to look at. What more could you want in a fancy looking weather-predicting ornament?

A storm glass (also known as a ‘chemical weather glass’, and a ‘weather predicting glass’) is an instrument for predicting the weather that has been around since the 19th century. The liquid inside the glass may vary between manufacturers, but is usually a combination of distilled water, ethanol & chemicals.

The instrument was popularized around the 1860’s by Vice-Admiral Robert FitzRoy, although the original inventor is, to the best of my (and Wikipedia’s) knowledge, unknown.

In this article you’ll find everything you would ever want to know about storm glasses. But first, in case you’re in a hurry or just want some quick product/gift recommendations, here’s a glance at some top picks for different shapes/types/prices of storm glass:

At a glance: best storm glasses to buy

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Wonderful! Now, for the attentive readers who have continued this far, let’s get into the meat of the subject. If you’re looking for something specific, feel free to click on these quick links to scroll down to your desired section. Let’s get into it!

In this article, I’ll cover:

Can a storm glass actually predict the weather?

How to read a storm glass

How much is a storm glass?

See our top picks & recommendations

Storm Glass Buying FAQs

Does a storm glass work indoors?

Where can you buy a storm glass?

Can you make your own storm glass?

What you can do if your storm glass isn’t working

Can A Storm Glass Predict The Weather?

Let’s get things straight right off the bat. To provide a quick answer to this question without making you read the full article, the answer is: well, not really.

Honestly, in this day and age, storm glasses are more of a curiosity piece, an ornament, and a conversation starter. A handful of small-scale experiments such as this one didn’t find a prediction success rate of greater than 50%.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s get into more storm glass info!

How To Read A Storm Glass

In most cases, whichever storm glass you buy will come with instructions on how to read it. There isn’t really a whole lot of variance.

Here’s a picture to see some common storm glass meanings:

how to read a storm glass
How to read a storm glass

As mentioned throughout this article, when you’re trying to read your storm glass, try to place it in such a way that it will avoid temperature swings. That means not in direct sunlight, not near a radiator or AC unit, etc.

There are more possible meanings than just those shown in the image above. For example: small suspended spots = frosty, large flakes = overcast/cloudy, snow in winter, cloudy with small spots/stars = stormy, and so on.

Again, my best advice to you would be to simply check the instructions of whichever storm glass you purchase. Which brings me onto the next point in this storm glass buying guide…

How Much Is A Weather Predicting Storm Glass?

The short answer? A storm glass will usually cost anywhere between $10 and $50.

On the lower end, you’ll find models such as the Kikkerland that I previously mentioned in the table above. It’s a great low-cost choice, with over 400 reviews on Amazon at the time of writing.

On the higher end, you’ll find some fancier and more unique storm glasses. One example of that could be this beautiful globe-shaped storm glass from Yosoooo, which makes a great decoration or gift.

Like with anything, price depends on a ton of factors. Materials, brand, general build quality, and more. So instead of going into all the specifics of what impacts the price of a storm glass, let’s look at some real examples, with up-to-date prices where possible ?

Best Weather Predicting Storm Glass To Buy: Top Picks

This first one is my personal favorite. A beautiful globe with colorful liquid on an 8-inch long wooden base with the world map etched into the glass.

From a very well-known & reputable brand, no-less. I’ve recommended AcuRite products on this blog countless times, and they don’t disappoint here either.

Not only do you get a top quality storm glass with this product, but you also get a funky thermometer too. The temperature can be measured by each of the bulbs floating inside.

The AcuRite 00795A2 is a beautiful storm glass that paredicts the weather with some accuracy!

This weather glass piece by Stanley London is just superb, and sure to be a conversation starter with any visitor!

The glass is hand-blown, and the spout is left open to the atmosphere. As a result, the water level in the spout will rise & fall compared to the level in the body according to air pressure. Nifty!

Perfect as a gift for a weather enthusiast. In fact, it’s great if you’re looking for something different to the standard globe/teardrop shapes of weather predicting storm glasses.

This next storm glass is another beautiful globe shape on a wooden base, 9cm wide and 12cm tall. The base has a cool built-in LED light, and the product comes with a USB cable & on-off switch.

While this one looks cool, reviewers do comment that it’s a little on the fragile side. So, maybe look for something more sturdy if you’ve got children or pets! It’s also worth noting that some negative reviews here mention functionality. So a reminder… if your reason for buying a storm glass is to actually predict the weather, you may be disappointed.

If you’re looking to buy a storm glass online, I hope one of the several mentioned in this article takes your fancy!

Storm Glass Buying FAQs

For things that either didn’t fit in the article above, or things that you might want to get a super quick answer to, I’ve included some short FAQs about weather predicting storm glasses here.

Does A Storm Glass Work Indoors?

Absolutely! They are totally intended for indoor use. You should keep your storm glass indoors, ideally on a level surface.

It’s also worth noting that, if left in direct sunlight, the crystals could be affected leading to inaccuracy. In general, just avoid placing it anywhere it’s likely to get temperature swings. Not near a radiator, fireplace, air conditioning unit, and so on.

Where Can I Buy A Weather Predicting Storm Glass?

Keep it simple! I’d recommend sticking with Amazon. With Prime delivery, a bunch of reviews, one-click ordering and all the rest… I find it’s always the safe bet. Find the best weather predicting storm glasses on Amazon.

Can I Make My Own Storm Glass?

In case you’re more of a DIY kinda person… Rather than reinvent the wheel, I’ll direct you to this great YouTube video by the creator NightHawkInLight.

What Can I Do If My Storm Glass Isn’t Working?

Well, it depends what you mean by ‘working’. If you mean it’s not accurately predicting the weather then, I’ve got some bad news for you…

As I mentioned above, storm glasses do not appear to have any greater than 50/50 chance of getting the weather right.

If, however, you mean that your storm glass isn’t changing at all, then perhaps you need to make sure that all of the crystals have properly dissolved. To start, you should have completely clear liquid. If that is not the case, you’ll need to find a way to gently heat it up until all the crystals dissolve. Try gently heating the tube evenly with a hairdryer however, not too hot, the glass can crack!

We hope you have found this article both interesting and helpful. You may be interested in more weather gadget articles.