Soil-p- Meter-3-in-1
Top 5 Gardening Weather Gadgets
Most geeks sit behind a computer, but some of them are gardeners. If you’re one
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Best Weather Station to Buy in 2018
Weather is one of the most common conversation openers in the world.  We can talk
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best wind meter 2018
5 Wind Meters for Long Range Shooting Worth Checking Out in 2018
Whether you’re looking for the best of the best or just something to give your
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best weather gadgets for smartphone
Best In Class Weather Gadgets for Your Smartphone
Are you one of those people who are obsessed with the weather? Does a bad
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cabled vs wireless |
Best Weather Stations: Cabled VS Wireless
  Cabled VS Wireless Wireless has become an important buzzword in the tech community over
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coolest gifts for weather geeks
Coolest Gifts for Weather Geeks this 2018
“Everyone Talks About the Weather…” Being able to share accurate weather data does not seem
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WeatherHawk myMet digital Wind Meter
Fun and Science with the WeatherHawk myMet digital Wind Meter
This week we learn from Professor Martin Horejsi more about WeatherHawk myMet digital Wind Meter.
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instruments for small boats |
Weather Measuring Instruments for Small Boat Sailors
    Reading time: 10 minutes If you have ever attended a boat show at
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Gadgets to measure barometric pressure
Best Gadgets To Measure Barometric Pressure
If you’re a sufferer of barometric pressure headache, you’ll know it is really difficult to
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Best home wind turbines |
2018 Best Home Wind Turbines
Although wind farms already exist to provide power to some towns and communities, there are
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Best Affordable Home Wind Turbines: Below $500
We’re recently reviewed and wrote about the best home wind turbines, however those we’re high
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Books About Weather and Science
Weather-related books are among the best gifts you can give to a weather  geek. Although
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Best IP Camera For Your Weather Station
Choosing the right IP camera for your weather station is not an easy task. With
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