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Do you want to purchase a weather system that allows smart home integrations to save you time and money? Or do you want one that gives alerts to warn you of lightning, rain, or wind? The Tempest Weather System comes with a meticulous design and offers the most precise weather forecast.

While other weather stations have a complex design, large sensor suites, and are challenging to install, the Tempest Weather System is the complete opposite. 

So, what sets the Tempest Weather System apart from other weather systems in the market?

Incredible Features Of Tempest Weather System

Unlike other weather stations, this weather system doesn’t come with a console. As such, you may not get the indoor weather measurements that you’d get with other systems. However, it comes with a web-based portal and a smartphone app that acts as the console. The app allows you to receive continuous updates once every three seconds. 

Tempest Weather System with Built-in Wind Meter, Rain Gauge, and Accurate Weather Forecasts, Wireless, App and Alexa Enabled

Additionally, the weather updates will include various variables, including temperature, rainfall, wind speed and direction, and humidity. It also features a built-in lightning UV and a light sensor that gives you solar radiation, UV index, and brightness. 

It also comes with a built-in lightning detector that helps keep your family and properties safe by offering instant alerts. 

One of the outstanding features of the Tempest Weather System is its ability to connect to smart homes and integrate with other smart home devices. Thus, you can integrate the device with Google Assistant or Alexa and use your voice to control it.

The best feature of this system may not be visible initially. But, once you have the weather system up and reporting, this becomes immediately apparent.  The data from the station is incorporated in the Weatherflow’s network, ensuring you get the most precise forecasts

When compared with other weather stations, the Tempest Weather System comes with a compact and convenient design. All the instruments used in measuring various variables, including humidity, temperature, etc., are housed in a single package, the size of your hand. The compact design contributes to its ease of installation. 


Another feature that makes the Tempest Weather System different from other weather stations is that it measures rain and wind differently. Most weather stations measure rainfall using the tipping bucket mechanism. On the other hand, the Tempest system uses a sensor to sense the raindrops hitting the system’s top. 

This new technology makes the weather station unique. Although it is not the cheapest, the Tempest Weather System features unique technologies that make it a game-changer in the market. 


Superb User Experience

A Tempest Weather System comes with outstanding features, ease of installation, and a compact design. It also employs new technologies and instant alerts to protect you. All these parameters put the weather system ahead of other weather stations in the market. 

However, all these incredible parameters can go to waste if customers have a poor experience with the device. 

Fortunately, you will not experience any frustrations or poor customer experience while using the Tempest Weather System. You’ll enjoy an effortless setup using the smartphone app that is easy to use.

Additionally, data is available on the web-based portal and the smartphone app immediately after setup. The weather system also calibrates itself. As such, you don’t require to tamper with any sensor settings. 

Due to the use of unique and effective technology, you’ll not have any inconsistencies in the data you receive. The system also offers you more precise wind speeds than other weather stations.   

Last update on 2024-04-23

Tempest Weather System Smart Home Integration      

Although many weather stations include smart home capabilities, Tempest is quite outstanding in this aspect. 

For instance, it supports both Google Assistant and Alexa. Additionally, it allows you to connect to IFTTT, allowing various weather events to activate other devices. 


Tempest is not the cheapest weather system in the market. However, it comes with incredible features that make it a game-changer in the industry. It uses a compact design and is gaining popularity for offering precise results. If you’re looking for a reliable weather system, the Tempest is worth checking out.

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