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When the air in your home is too humid or too dry it can make you feel uncomfortable.  In fact, it can allow mildew and mold to grow or cause cracks to appear in your walls.  An AcuRite humidity monitor is made by a reputable brand and are highly accurate when it comes to measuring indoor humidity levels.   They are a valuable tool to keep your family and home safe throughout the year. 

Modern indoor humidity monitors are very accurate and available with easy-to-interpret interfaces.  Furthermore, they deliver precise readings that allow you to keep your home in optimal condition.  This is important, as while the optimal indoor humidity range is between 30 and 50 per cent, a “sweet spot” will vary from one season to another.

Why Do I Need To Buy A Moisture Monitor For My Home

If indoor humidity is too high, there can be a health risk imposed by the growth of bacteria, molds, and mildew.  These can be dangerous for your family if the spores are inhaled.  However, you may be shocked to know that some pets may also suffer from bacterial infections when humidity levels are unchecked.  

Well, we have good news for you!  AcuRite manufactures a revolutionary range of humidity monitors to help you measure the moisture levels inside your home.

Humidity monitoring devices can be used in all homes and offices.  In fact, they are especially important for those facing issues with temperature-specific and mold-related risks.  With many options available in the market, an AcuRite Humidity Monitor can be one of the best.

What Is An AcuRite Humidity Monitor?

The AcuRite Humidity Monitor is manufactured as a 3-in-1 humidity monitoring appliance.  It features a Humidity Gauge Indicator, a Digital Hygrometer, and an Indoor Thermometer.  Choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius readings for the temperature inside your home. 

The indoor thermometer has a range of between 0 to 50 Degrees C and 32 to 122 degrees F. 

Humidity monitoring is given as a percentage and shows the high and low readings for the last 24 hours.  Some models also have a gauge that offers color options for low, medium, and high humidity within the room.  Others have a home comfort icon for the humidity readings.

AcuRite 00613 Digital Hygrometer & Indoor Thermometer
AcuRite 00325 Indoor Thermometer & Hygrometer
AcuRite Digital Hygrometer with Indoor Monitor and Comfort Scale
AcuRite 00613 Digital Hygrometer & Indoor Thermometer Pre-Calibrated Humidity Gauge, 3" H x 2.5" W x 1.3" D, Black
AcuRite 00325 Indoor Thermometer & Hygrometer with Humidity Gauge, Black, 0.3
AcuRite Humidity Meter Hygrometer and Indoor Digital Thermometer with Temperature Gauge and Humidity Gauge, Room Thermometer Comfort Scale, 3 x 2.5 Inches, White (01083M)
AcuRite 00613 Digital Hygrometer & Indoor Thermometer
AcuRite 00613 Digital Hygrometer & Indoor Thermometer Pre-Calibrated Humidity Gauge, 3" H x 2.5" W x 1.3" D, Black
AcuRite 00325 Indoor Thermometer & Hygrometer
AcuRite 00325 Indoor Thermometer & Hygrometer with Humidity Gauge, Black, 0.3
AcuRite Digital Hygrometer with Indoor Monitor and Comfort Scale
AcuRite Humidity Meter Hygrometer and Indoor Digital Thermometer with Temperature Gauge and Humidity Gauge, Room Thermometer Comfort Scale, 3 x 2.5 Inches, White (01083M)

Last update on 2024-05-29

What’s Included In The AcuRite Humidity Monitor Package

When you purchase an AcuRite Humidity Monitor, it comes with a foldable stand, a clip, and a magnet.  These will vary between models, however, all are easily mounted on the fridge, wall, or any flat surface. 

You will need 1-2 AA or AAA batteries for any of these models and a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty is standard.  Moreover, Chaney Instruments offers an active customer service team for servicing any concerns or requests. 

If there are moisture issues within your home or office, you may wish to monitor multiple rooms at the same time.  The company has thought of this and offers a 5-pack of the 00613 AcuRite Humidity Monitors for your convenience.

Use them in living areas, bedrooms, or traditionally moist areas such as crawl spaces, laundries, or the garage.  They are perfect for wine cellars, bathrooms, and indoor greenhouses. 

Benefits Of An AcuRite Humidity Monitor

  • Simple to set up and use, you can move them to any space to effectively monitor indoor humidity levels
  • Some models have alerts that you can program if the humidity levels go above or below pre-set levels.
  • Deliver accurate indoor hygrometer readings and temperature.  Readings are displayed on the LCD screen which can be read from a fair distance.  You can also record the daily high and low readings for both of these measurements.
  • Offer crucial details for keeping your family safe from common humidity-specific threats.  These include conditions ideal for mildew and mold growth, some bacteria, viruses, and mites.  The growth of these is often linked to asthma and other respiratory conditions.  
  • If air is too dry, it can lead to skin irritation, breathing difficulties, or irritation of the nose.  
  • The device is available with multiple mounting capabilities.  Featuring the table-top stand, the convenient clip, and even magnets for wall or surface mounting.  Easily move from room to room.
  • Once you have some historical data, you can adjust the indoor environment by changing heating or cooling settings.  This will keep your family and property safe.

Important Features 

AcuRite Humidity Monitors have an excellent array of features and functionalities.  These stem from the integration of the indoor thermometer, humidity gauge indicator, and the digital hygrometer. 

  • Ultimate Indoor Comfort:  With this device, there is no guessing the temperature or moisture levels in your home. The humidity gauge indicator shows the moisture levels as low, optimal, or high.  Humidity is recorded as a percentage with high and low readings for the last 24 hours.  Monitor your home atmosphere while adjusting the cooling or heating system for the most comfortable temperature.
  • Perfect for the Entire House:  Use in the baby’s room, bathroom, kitchen, or garage.  In fact, place these portable devices in any room in your house to get accurate temperature and humidity readings.  Some models, such as the AcuRite 01083M update humidity readings every 10 seconds.  Data is recorded and displayed for the last 24 hours.
  • Ease of Installation:  With multiple mounting options, these devices can be installed in any location within your home. Use free-standing on any flat surface or mount on any wall that will hold a magnet.  Some models come with a keyhole hanger to easily mount on any wall.  The device blends with any decor and is easy to read from all around the room.
  • Versatile & Portable:  These pocket-sized AcuRite indoor humidity monitors are perfect when it comes to portability.  Take them with you when traveling in an RV or even to monitor conditions in a motel room.  Keep your family safe wherever you go.

Positioning Your AcuRite Humidity Monitor

For accurate results, it is important that your indoor temperature and humidity monitor are in the right place.  Make sure it is out of direct sunlight and away from any vents or other heat sources.

It is also important to monitor the readings over a few days before changing the settings of your home heating or cooling.  Every season has different highs and lows and these must be factored in when choosing settings.  We have all seen summer days where the temperature and humidity drop suddenly.  One 24 hour reading is not enough to change home settings.

Maintaining A Healthy Balance Using An AcuRite Humidity Monitor

If you are concerned about humidity levels inside your home, an Acurite Humidity Monitor can help. 

The display of the  Acurite 01083M shows overall humidity in the form of:

  • HIGH –Indicating humidity levels above 55% RH (Relative Humidity). In this case, the humidity level remains high in comparison to the temperature. This makes the air within your home quite moist.
  • OK – Moisture levels are between the range of 25% and 55% RH.  This makes for a comfortable environment throughout your home.
  • LOW –Indicating humidity levels below 25% RH.  In this scenario, humidity levels are low with air inside the house being quite dry.

Other models, such as the AcuRite 00613 and AcuRite 00325 show humidity in an icon.  Again, this will show as low, OK or high. 

Professional Humidity and Temperature Monitor By AcuRite 

The AcuRite 01083M digital hygrometer and thermometer is a highly accurate device that displays the following:

  • Improved accuracy: +/- 0.5 Degree F, +/- 2% Relative Humidity along with the option for manual calibration
  • Temperature sensors capable of measuring from -4 to 158 Degrees F and -20 to 70 Degree Celsius
  • Humidity sensor detects from 1% to 99% Relative Humidity
  • Colorful display bar for humidity readings showing the safe range in green
  • Displaying current data, high and low readings for the last 24 hours, and the current trend
  • Measurements get updated every 10 seconds

Troubleshooting Your Acurite Humidity Monitor


Battery Reset

If your device won’t switch on, is showing partial digits or you feel it is giving inaccurate readings, try this first.  Check the batteries for these simple fixes.

  • It is important to use batteries from reputable brands as cheaper ones may cause corrosion. 
  • Try replacing the batteries.  All batteries will expire over time and tend to lose around 3% of total power or more every year.
  • Generic, extra-strength, rechargeable, and heavy-duty batteries are not recommended for AcuRite humidity monitors.  Using these may lead to performance inconsistencies due to the way these batteries distribute power to the appliance.  Do not use batteries that exceed 1.6 Volts of power.
  • It is not recommended to mix different types of batteries – old, new, brands, etc. 

Hard Reset For Your AcuRite Humidity Monitor

Once you are sure that you have the right batteries, remove the old batteries and wait for around 2 minutes.  This ensures the device is fully shut down.   Now, simply replace the batteries with your new ones. 

Allow around 20 minutes for your AcuRite humidity monitor to adjust to its surroundings before comparing readings.

If your Humidity Level Icon is delivering inaccurate results, we suggest you consult the professional team at Acurite

For other troubleshooting tips of AcuRite devices, read our recent article.


Master your temperature and humidity levels inside your home with an AcuRite Humidity Monitor.  Keep your family safe from harmful mildew and mold growth, and prevent nasty viruses and bacteria from multiplying in your home.  

Check indoor comfort levels with a single glance at the easy-to-read monitor and record daily high and low conditions.  When you ensure optimal temperature and moisture conditions in your home or office, you can enjoy a healthy and worry-free life.

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