Weather Stationary

Hi weather enthusiasts!  Are you having fun using your home weather station?  To optimize functionality, you should look to connect your weather station to Weather Underground.  

This gives you access to much more weather data, and, it allows you to share your information with others.  So, how long will it take for a home weather station to show on Weather Underground?

What Is Weather Underground?

Weather Underground is a dedicated weather service.  It allows you to access real-time information related to current weather conditions all over the globe.  Information includes hyper-local weather forecasts, weekly weather predictions for your area or any specified region. 

In addition, relevant weather information is sourced from all corners of the globe.  In fact, over 250,000 weather stations are connected to Weather Underground.  You can also send local weather updates through your weather station to the Weather Underground database. 

The ultimate objective of Weather Underground is to ensure highly accurate weather reports for individuals irrespective of their location. 

Why Use It for Your Weather Station?

Weather Underground collates multiple sets of data and offers highly relevant local weather data.   It can offer accurate and up-to-date local weather information and gives weather forecasts for different regions and locations as well. 

The brand features an expert team of passionate developers, plus a generous community of weather enthusiasts.  All these people continuously share real-time weather-specific data from business and home-based weather stations. 

In addition, the massive Weather Underground database gives extensive and hyper-local weather forecasts.  Find out exactly what is happening in your area or any region you are going to.  Never let the weather catch you unaware again!

How Does It Work?

Any weather junkie knows that data volume is not solely responsible for determining the quality of weather information.  Weather Underground leverages a proprietary weather forecasting model. In fact, it is supported by a team of expert meteorologists to deliver access to exceptional weather forecasts. 

The team is also responsible for sharing valuable insights into the exact science behind the nature of weather and various weather reports.  Weather Underground data reveals information about climate change, weather patterns, and their existing relationships.  

Furthermore, the platform is committed to providing a fun-filled and user-friendly experience.  It enables you access to abundant weather data, in fact, any that you need – instantly.

Experiencing Weather Underground

Get access to WunderMap – use the interactive platform on your tablet or PC, or, you can download the app.  The interactive map features amazing information with a single touch, including:

  • Tropical and severe storm information
  • Weather data obtained from an individual, private weather stations for providing information on local climate, temperature, precipitation, humidity, and wind data
  • Atmospheric conditions –including satellite images, past or future radar reports, wind stream, and weather fronts
  • Air quality with readings on the scale between PM 2.5 & PM 10
  • Wildfire activities including smoke readings and fire perimeters 

Using Weather Underground 

When you have a weather station with WiFi capability, you can add to the existing data network of Wunderground.  Larger data input from any area leads to more accurate, hyper-local weather information.  It tends to benefit not only you but the entire community.  

For instance, imagine the benefits of highly accurate, local weather data during cyclones, wildfires, floods, and other emergencies. 

Once you link your weather station to the network of Weather Underground, you connect with like-minded enthusiasts.  In fact, you can find other people in your local area, or anywhere in the world.  Sharing weather data will improve weather forecasting across the globe.  How great will that be? 

So, are you a weather enthusiast?  Do you want to add relevant weather information to Wunderground from your area?  Let us show you how easy the process is.

Updating Weather Information On Weather Underground Through Your Weather Station

To ensure your weather station data shows on Weather Underground, follow these easy steps:

  • weather underground report status indicatorVisit the website and ensure that your weather station is reporting in real-time.  If the status indicator appears green, your weather station is reporting data to the network of Weather Underground.
  • When the weather station is linked to the network, there are a few reasons why it is not updating in the map or the app.
  1. If you are new to WunderGround or in offline status, it will take around 1-2 days to get added to the network.
  2. It detects a Quality Control issue with your weather-specific data.  It could occur if your weather station goes offline for any period of time.  Your data will be suspended if parameters such as temperature are very different from other weather stations in your area. 
  3. There may be issues with the website but their technical support team is very efficient and most glitches are fixed very quickly.  Be patient and report any issue on the official website. 

Weather Station Readings Not Being Sent to Weather Underground

This might occur if your Wunderground Station key, password, or ID is entered incorrectly.  If the readings are available in your weather station, try resolving this issue by looking into the following possible solutions.

  • Verify that your weather station has been receiving weather readings for around 2 hours.  You can go through the sensor readings as displayed on the station’s dashboard. 
  • Confirm your profile on Weather Underground for your home weather station has the right station ID and password. 
  • Make sure that you have selected the right sensor. 


Connecting your home weather station to Weather Underground has many benefits.  Not only just for yourself, but for every weather enthusiast in the world.  

Having a large number of stations connected over any period of time leads to more accurate weather data.  Over time, this information about a regions weather allows formula to better predict the coming weather.  

As this vast network grows, we are able to get more accurate hyper-local weather data and forecasts.  Also, it allows you to look at current and historical weather information for any area on the globe.

If you aren’t connected to Weather Underground, you certainly should look to do so.  You can easily upgrade an older home weather station to ensure WiFi connectivity and start streaming your weather data to the world.