Weather Stationary

If you want to plan your day with confidence, La Crosse Technology’s weather instruments come in handy.  The brand offers various reliable weather instruments, including digital rain gauges, wireless weather stations, color forecast stations, and personal WiFi La Crosse weather stations. 

Their products range from the traditional to high-tech.  As such, you have the freedom to choose your favorite one depending on the features you are looking for. 

Additionally, products by this brand are designed, developed, and thoroughly tested to ensure the customer only gets the best.  Moreover, La Crosse Technology products are one of the best weather instruments on the market.

Why Choose La Crosse Technology Products?

The team at La Crosse Technology endeavor to offer customers the best quality products and value for their money.  A strong commitment to its customers ensures La Crosse provides excellent customer service, and they manufacture user-friendly products. 

When developing their products, La Crosse emphasizes reliability and precision.  It uses strict standards that ensure they offer the most accurate weather data consistently.   Indeed, their wireless weather products transmit instant data and alerts. 

Additionally, La Crosse products boast some of the most outstanding features in the market today.  These include WiFi connectivity, USB charging and Bluetooth connection ensuring their products use the latest technology.  The sensor array is calibrated using measurements from the National Institute of Standards to ensure you only get the most precise readings. 

La Crosse V10-TH Remote Monitoring Color Weather Station

Get precise temperature and humidity readings for both indoors and outdoors with the La Crosse V10-TH.  The La Crosse Remote Monitoring Color weather station is an excellent pick for any weather enthusiast. It comes with features that make your weather forecasting a breeze. 

For instance, this remote monitoring color weather station allows WiFi connectivity.  As such, your weather station can work as a stand-alone weather station, or you can enjoy enhanced features by downloading the La Crosse View app. 

WiFi Connection

Why is WiFi connection important?  Using WiFi allows you to get push notifications for data and you can also customize alerts.  Being connected enables you to view and track your weather history using detailed graphs. This is important to allow accurate weather forecasts based on historical data.

The La Crosse app also allows you to monitor your weather station and sensor information.  Know instantly if there is a problem such as a sensor not working.

You enjoy advanced features with this La Crosse weather station and WiFi connection.  Eight extra icons add much more data to your weather forecast representation.  Easily see the forecasted precipitation and the temperature highs or lows of the day. 

Use the ViewData Stream (VDS) Technology to check the prevailing wind direction, and also time and date. 

This La Crosse weather station will offer you both indoor and outdoor weather values in temperature and humidity. It provides high and low-temperature records as well as high and low records with time stamps. The La Crosse Remote Monitoring Color weather station also comes in handy in offering you outdoor trend indicators, dew point, and heat index. 

Further Features

The La Crosse V10-TH Remote Monitoring Color Weather Station constantly shows the time and date. You can choose a 12 or 24-hour format, and it also shows the day of the week, month, date, and year. 

Another reason this weather station stands out is its flexibility. Use the adjustable kickstand to have a free-standing option, or simply hang it on a wall for easy visibility.

Each sensor has a low battery indicator to ensure that you recharge on time to prevent the device switching off.  And, it features a WiFi connection indicator plus sensor connection indicator.  Furthermore, with its five-setting LCD brightness, you get the clearest view in any light. 

If you are worried you don’t have the technical knowledge to operate this device, then rest assured.  This La Crosse weather station comes with a guided settings menu which makes it effortless to use. 

The company offers a one-year limited-time warranty on this product which covers defects in workmanship and materials.  However, please note, it will replace or repair the item only at its discretion.

  • WiFi connectivity allows you to monitor weather using the La Crosse app
  • A guided settings menu makes it effortless to operate the device
  • LCD brightness for a clear view
  • Flexible as you can hang it or place it on a stand
  • Low battery indication
  • Limited features without a WiFi connection

La Crosse S81120 with Temperature, Wind, & Humidity Sensors

The S81120 Wireless Weather Station enables you to measure temperature, humidity, wind direction, and speed so that you can plan your day with confidence.  With this La Crosse weather station, the weather conditions within and outside your home will not surprise you anymore. 

Why choose the S81120 Wireless Weather Station?  There are several reasons why this wireless weather station could be an excellent pick for you.

It comes with a five-level adjustable backlight, ensuring the most comfortable light for your eyes.  In fact, there is also a backlight auto dim that adjusts to different light levels in the room. 

Additionally, it is available in various languages, including Spanish, French, English, and German, making it a versatile device.

This nifty device will greet you on startup with its Hello Setup Time. 

Low battery indicators are easy to see for both the weather station and sensor array.   An in-built solar panel on the new Breeze Sensor re-charges the battery however, prolonged cloud cover may mean you have to charge it manually. 

La Crosse Technology recommendations state the battery should last up to three years.  There is also a signal strength indicator on the display for the sensor. 

If you are looking for flexibility, the La Crosse S81120 weather station is a perfect choice.  Once again, either hang the display of this weather station on your wall or use the free-standing option.

It has 12/24 hour time settings which you can set manually and displays a calendar with day, month, year and time.

La Crosse S81120

Last update on 2024-07-24

Additional Features

A handy mounting bracket is included which makes positioning the sensor array easy.  This wireless La Crosse Weather Station has a transmission range of 300 feet.

The device allows you to easily read the indoor and outdoor data on its display.  Simply use the Auto-Scroll to toggle between readings.

The La Crosse S81120 weather station provides high and low records with timestamps to easily see historical data.  You can set alerts for the indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity measurements.  There is even a “feels like” temperature feature.  

A new Breeze Sensor monitors current and top wind speed readings plus wind direction.  The wind speed history is also available and you can check the last 24 hours, a week, month, or year.  You can set wind speed alerts for certain parameters, or when there is a change. 

Added sensors are also available and include a rain gauge/sensor and thermohygrometer.  However, these are sold separately.

  • Low battery indicators to ensure the device doesn’t go off
  • Adjustable backlight for a clear display
  • Temperature and humidity alerts to ensure nothing gets you by surprise
  • Flexible installation on the wall or free standing
  • Wind speed records are available
  • The transmission can vary during low sunlight and cold operation time

    Additional sensors must be purchased separately

La Crosse 328-10618V2 Complete Personal WiFi Weather Station with AccuWeather

The 328-10618V2 remote weather station comes with features that help you understand the weather and plan your day confidently.  A large LCD display offers easy reading and connects with various sensors from 400 feet away.  

Monitor wind speed, rainfall, heat index, dew point and barometric pressure as well as indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity.

La Crosse View

The most outstanding feature of this weather station is the WiFi connectivity.  Download the free La Crosse View app to get access to AccuWeather and a plethora of weather data.

Without La Crosse View, this nifty device still functions as a top-rate home weather station. 

However, the La Crosse View app offers many additional features to the user.  Share your weather information with other weather geeks and weather enthusiasts on AccuWeather.  Receive up-to-the-minute weather reports for your local area or anywhere around the globe with View Data Stream technology (VDS).

With WiFi connection enabled, you can use detailed graphs to view and track your weather history. Additionally, the connection allows you to customize alerts and get push notifications of pre-set values. 

Other enhanced features with WiFi connection include an additional six forecast icons such as ice, snow, fog and thunderstorm which will update hourly.  Program a temperature update with daily forecasted highs and lows, automatic update of date and time and wind direction updates.

Get a “chance of precipitation forecast” hourly or daily, a “feels like” temperature reading and even a seven day forecast.  

WiFi connection includes six additional forecast icons on the display, wind direction readings and many more capabilities to improve you home weather data.


La Crosse Technology 328-10618-INT Wireless WiFi Professional Weather Center

Last update on 2024-07-24

Additional Features

This advanced La Crosse weather station also provides you with rainfall data that includes time frames.  These include Now, 1 hour, 24 hours, seven days, a month, a year, and the total for any given period. 

Other features of the 328-10618V2 La Crosse weather station include low battery indicators for both station and sensor.  Also a five settings LCD brightness with automated dimming that ensures you have the clearest and most comfortable view.  Indicators show WiFi and sensor connection and this model offers a bonus indoor temperature and humidity display console. 

The weather station features without WiFi connection include, outdoor temperature trend indicators plus high and low temperature records with date and time stamps.  The outdoor temperature change indicators show you when the temperature rises or falls outside a pre-set range.

There are additional Add-on sensors available with this La Crosse weather station and it is supported by a one-year limited warranty.  It covers manufacturing defects in workmanship or materials and items can be replaced or repaired at the company’s discretion.

  • LCD brightness offers a clear view
  • WiFi connection allows you to enjoy enhanced features
  • Weather forecast history available
  • Flexible installation
  • La Crosse View app
  • AccuWeather connectivity
  • Bonus display console 
  • 400 foot wireless range
  • You may not enjoy enhanced features if you don’t have a WiFi connection

La Crosse 308-1414MBV2 Wireless Color Weather Station

Are you looking for accurate and precise weather data from your backyard?  The La Crosse 308-1414MBV2 Wireless Color Weather Station comes in handy to get your own personal weather forecast data.

Besides the weather forecast, the device also helps keep your family safe by monitoring mold.  It comes with a Mold Risk indicator when you use the device indoors.  By monitoring temperature and humidity inside the house the display can be set with an alert for the potential of mold growth.

Use the remote sensor indoors to monitor mold in high-risk areas such as basements or crawl spaces. You can also place the multi-use sensor in your backyard to monitor outdoor weather conditions. 

This La Crosse weather station enables you to record temperature and humidity trends that allow accurate weather forecasts.

Additionally, the device allows you to program high and low-temperature alerts to ensure nothing catches you by surprise. 

The 308-1414MBV2 La Crosse Wireless Color Weather Station comes with an attractive color display. It not only makes the weather station look fantastic but gives you comprehensive weather data. A backlight control featuring high/low/off options makes reading the display easy in any light. This enables you to control the backlight to achieve the most comfortable and clearest view. 

However, if you need to enjoy continuous backlight, you should ensure the device is plugged in. The mold risk display will also work when you press the button. 

Additional Features

A La Crosse wireless color weather station comes with various indicators and icons for easy use including:

  • Animated forecast icons
  • Weather forecast tendency indicator
  • Signal strength icon
  • Outdoor temperature trend indicator
  • Outdoor humidity trend (%RH) indicator
  • An icon for station and sensor low battery
  • Atomic reception indicator
  • Snooze alarm icon
La Crosse Technology 308-1414MB-INT

Last update on 2024-07-24

It also features a 12/24 hour atomic time and date, which you can set manually. The product comes with a one-year warranty that covers defects in workmanship and materials. This means the weather station will either be repaired or replaced at the company’s discretion.

  • Precise and real-time weather data
  • Easy-to-read color display
  • Monitor mold risk in your house
  • 330 feet wireless transmission
  • Time and date manual setup
  • You must plug in the device for continuous backlight

La Crosse S82967 Personal Weather Station

The La Crosse S82967 Personal Weather Station is similar to having your own personal meteorologist. It comes with features that make weather forecasting a breeze, and you can set it to receive timely alerts.

One outstanding feature of the Personal Weather Station is its versatility. You can program it using various languages, including Spanish, English, and French.

It features a four-level adjustable backlight which also has an off option. Thus, you can set the most appropriate light for the most comfortable view, and you can turn it off when need be. You can also use the programmable auto-dim backlight. 

With the low battery indicators for the weather station and sensors, you’ll know when you need to recharge. It has a flexible installation process as you can mount it on the wall or have it in a free-standing option. 

Additional Features

The La Crosse weather station enables you to get both indoor and outdoor forecast readings. If you want to check your history, the weather station provides you with high and low indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity records, which come with date and time stamps. You also receive indoor and outdoor humidity and temperature alerts to help you plan your activities with confidence. 

The personal weather station also has a calendar that displays the day, date, and month. There is also the time available in 12/24 hour formats, and you can set the time manually.

Reduced La Crosse Technology S82967-INT

Last update on 2024-07-24

  • Temperature and humidity records
  • Temperature and humidity alerts
  • Adjustable backlight for a comfortable view
  • Low battery indicator
  • It doesn’t come with an app for easy monitoring of your weather station

La Crosse V40A-PROV2 Complete Personal Remote Monitoring Station

The La Crosse V40A-PROV2 Complete Personal Remote Monitoring Weather station is an excellent option for weather forecasts. 

Among the variables that you can measure using the remote monitoring weather station is wind speed data. The wind speed data will display the current and top wind speed, wind direction, and a wind speed history record with time stamps.

You can also use the device to get rainfall data complete with the rainfall health records. 

This La Crosse weather station will easily and accurately measure indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity. It offers timely indoor and outdoor humidity and temperature alerts, which you choose the parameters for. 

The daily high and low outdoor temperature records with timestamps come in handy if you want to check your history. A dynamic color weather forecast device also has a time and date display in either 12/24 hour format.  The calendar displays day, month, date, and year. 

Other features include the five settings LCD brightness that ensures you have a clear view, and a guided settings menu for ease of use. The low battery indicator for every included sensor ensures that all sensors are working as they should. It comes with IDs for each sensor.  Other indicators on the device include the sensor connection and WiFi connection indicators. 

Additional Features

The La Crosse V40A-PROV2 Complete Personal Remote Monitoring Weather Station can work as a stand-alone device. However, since the device is WiFi connectable, you can download the La Crosse View app to enjoy enhanced features.  A WiFi connection enables you to use the free app to monitor your sensor and weather station information.

Last update on 2024-07-24

You can track your history and view it using detailed graphs.  Customize your alerts and also get push notifications of values outside your range. The free app and WiFi connection also enable you to share your weather forecast information with others who use the app. 

Some of the enhanced features that you enjoy with the WiFi connection include the National Weather Service forecast and the highs and lows forecasted by NWS. The weather forecast comes with eight more icon representations and a chance of precipitation for the day. 

The National Weather Service Data is available depending on the US zip code location. NIST data is dependent on the time zone you enter on the device during device setup.

  • LCD brightness for a clear view
  • WiFi connection for enhanced features
  • IDs for each sensor
  • Guided settings menu for ease of use
  • You cannot enjoy enhanced features without the WiFi connection

La Crosse S84107V2 Wireless Color Forecast Station

The S84107V2 Wireless Color Forecast Station is available in three languages: Spanish, English, and French.

It comes with a backlight that ensures you have a clear view.  If you connect the S84107V2 La Crosse to an AC power outlet, the backlight has three levels. When the weather station is battery operated, you’ll have to press the button to have the backlight turned on and the auto time out is 10 seconds. 

A calendar displays the date and month and atomic time and date, with a manual setting. 

If you are looking for convenience, this La Crosse weather station is a perfect choice. The wireless outdoor humidity and temperature forecast come in handy, and you also receive independent alerts for these. 

Additionally, the device offers you daily high and low temperature and humidity from midnight to midnight.  It also features trend arrows for outdoor temperature and humidity. 

The weather station features a low battery icon, and the Thermo Hygro sensor also has a low battery icon. 

A top wireless weather station, it comes with a one-year limited warranty from the date of purchase. The warranty covers any manufacturing defects of the product, including poor workmanship and defective materials.

Last update on 2024-07-24

  • Wireless connection for convenience
  • Low battery icons to ensure the device or sensors are recharged on time
  • The one year warranty gives you the confidence to purchase
  • Only three levels of backlight when connected to an AC power

La Crosse S88907V2 Wireless Color Weather Station

The S88907V2 wireless color La Crosse weather station enables you to measure indoor and outdoor temperatures.  Additionally, it will measure indoor and outdoor humidity with a trend indicator. The humidity levels are represented as good, humid, or dry and easily gauge indoor comfort level depending on the humidity.

Unique animated weather forecasts of this La Crosse weather station change depending on the changes in barometric pressure. Easily monitor indoor and outdoor temperatures, and set high and low-temperature alerts for the station and remote sensor. 

Measure indoor and outdoor humidity and temperature and get the minimum and maximum history records.  It features an indoor and outdoor temperature with a trend indicator and an indoor and outdoor humidity trend indicator. Other indicators on the unit include the forecast tendency indicator and atomic reception indicator. You also get the animated forecast icons and station and sensor low battery indicator informing you when to recharge. 

Additionally, it comes with a signal strength icon for sensor transmission and a time alarm with a snooze option. The backlight allows you to have a clear and comfortable view of the display.  You can customize the backlight using the high, low, and off options. 

Use either a 12/24 hour atomic time with a manual setting with the calendar displaying day, date, and month. 

Reduced La Crosse Technology Wireless Color Weather Station - Real-time Backyard Weather, Humidity Comfort Meter, Animated Forecast, Temperature Alerts, Long Range Transmission (300 Feet)

Last update on 2024-07-24

  • Low battery indicator informs you when it’s time to recharge or change batteries
  • You can customize the indoor and outdoor temperature alerts
  • Customizable backlight for the most precise and most comfortable view
  • You may not enjoy enhanced features with the La Crosse View app

Final Thoughts      

If you want to purchase a La Crosse weather station, their products are reliable, accurate, and highly dependable.  Weather stations by La Crosse come with enhanced features that ensure you get precise weather data and forecasts. They also enable you to check your history and records and some models connect your station to other users via the La Cross View app. 

La Crosse weather stations have varying prices depending on their included features.  This allows you to choose the best one depending on your needs and budget.

For more options, you can also read our recent post on The Best-Selling Weather Stations To Buy In 2021.