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Do you have a weather geek/nerd/enthusiast in your group of friends?  Are you looking for the perfect gift for weather geeks that you know?  While it might seem an overwhelming process to find the best gifts for weather geeks, we have come up with many options. 

Weather fanatics are known to be dedicated beings and might have almost everything related to weather.  So, how do you pick a gift for your weather geek that they might not already have?  Read on to find out!

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Our Top Gifts For Weather Geeks

Here is a detailed guide of our top gifts for weather geeks that they are going to love.

Ambient Weather Wi-Fi Weather Station for Weather Gifts

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  • Enhanced Wi-Fi connectivity 
  • LCD Color Display
  • Integrated Sensor Array
  • Support for different units

We live in a digital era and, with technology seeping across every aspect of our lives, the weather arena is not left behind.  You can find surprising technological advancements with respect to weather monitoring and analysis.  One such innovative gadget is the Ambient Weather Wi-Fi weather station.  In addition to being a great tool, this device is also a perfect gift for weather lovers. 

The appliance features a complete set of advanced instruments for measuring weather conditions from the comfort of the home. It also features a comprehensive range of Smart Home support (including Google Home, Alexa, and IFTTT) along with user-friendly Wi-Fi connectivity.  This top-notch weather station is assured to make any professional meteorologist or novice weather aspirant elated at the gift.

To read a full review of this product read our recent article: Ambient Weather Stations: Is WS-2000 Better Than WS-2902C

  • Ease of monitoring house and outside weather
  • All-in-one wireless integrated sensor arrays
  • Supporting both metric and imperial units
  • Improved Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Batteries are not included

La Crosse Technology Wireless Forecast Station

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  • Atomic time and date accuracy
  • Adjustable Sensor dimension of 1.57L X 0.79W X 5.12H
  • Automatic daylight saving

In case a complete weather station might be too much, an ideal alternative is the revolutionary La Crosse Technology C85845.

The digital thermometer is capable of providing humidity as well as temperature readings with tailor-made weather forecasts and alerts.

In addition, you also get access to the date & time with the help of the designer display that is easier to read. 

This compact weather station serves to be an affordable and convenient gift.  Indeed, it is perfect for the countertop or desktop decoration of any weather geek out there.

  • Dynamic forest icons featuring tendency arrows
  • Backlight
  • Adjustable sensors
  • Color bar for the comfort level
  • Customizable alerts for humidity and temperature
  • Batteries are not included

Midland WR400 Weather Radio For Weather Gifts

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  • NOAA Weather Alert & Scan feature
  • SAME Programming
  • 85 dB siren alarm
  • Built-in clock features

Another interesting weather gift that you can consider is a typical weather radio.  Out of the all-weather radios available, the one by Midland in the form of WR400 weather radio turns out to be the best.

Further, the radio features an innovative SAME code support for visual as well as audio notifications.  Learn about the current weather conditions, weather warnings, and much more. As such, this appliance is not just a great option as a gift for weather geeks, but also for those who are thinking about it in professional terms.

This revolutionary weather radio features the innovative NOAA weather scan & alert mechanism. The NOAA weather mechanism is capable of automatically scanning around 7 WX or Weather Band channels.  You will receive notifications about thunderstorms, tornados, floor, and more.

Also, this radio is capable of locking in your favorite weather channel.  Lastly, there is an alarm for severe weather risks or any kind of weather emergency in your area.

  • Advanced NOAA Weather scanning and reporting
  • SAME or Specific Area Message Encoding programming
  • Options for warning systems
  • Presence of the built-in alarm clock
  • Could support more weather channels

Emergency Survival Kit – Essential Gift for Weather Geeks

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  • Great organization system along with waterproof packs
  • Expert video guide
  • 40+ curated supplies 
  • Food bars worth 3600 Calories

If your weather enthusiast likes to be prepared for all types of emergency weather conditions, then this is the gift for them. This revolutionary emergency survival kit is a perfect gift for weather geeks.

The highly sought-after Complete Earthquake Bag features everything needed for keeping you fed and warm in case of poor weather conditions. 

It has been packed smartly with proper water and food resources.  At the same time, there is additional resources for emergency situations.  These include a hygiene kit, first aid kit, warmth essentials, shelter, essential tools, communication, and off-grid lighting.

Best of all. the essential tools and components are conveniently packed in a weather-proof casing.  Supplies are sufficient for around three days.

  • Presence of color-coded organization system
  • Containers for food, water, and hygiene components
  • Essential tools necessary for thriving
  • Video guide for the supplies
  • Slightly heavy

AcuRite 02020 Lightning Detector

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  • Striker counter displays
  • Detection of lightning and storms
  • Backlight for low-light viewing

This is the perfect gift for any weather geek.  The portable lighting detector by AcuRite is a great option for those who love the great outdoors.

If there are storms approaching this nifty device can detect a lightning strike up to 25 miles away.  Not only that, it monitors cloud-to-cloud, cloud-to-ground and intra-cloud warnings.  It will alert you with an alarm, flashing red light and text.   

Additionally, the sleek design is weather-resistant, compact and designed for portability. 

A no-slip clip easily attaches to a backpack, pocket or belt.  Therefore, this makes a perfect gift for weather geeks who love camping, boating, golfing, fishing and other outdoor recreational activities.

  • Helpful in the detection of storms and lightning strikes within an area of 25 miles
  • Audible alarm, text alerts, and warning light
  • Backlight for low-light viewing
  • Estimated distance to storm
  • Batteries are not included


There are many options when looking at gifts for weather geeks or weather enthusiasts.  Depending on the occasion, we have provided choices for every budget and hobby.

In fact, most gift options for weather enthusiasts are technology-backed and useful in any household.  With modern technology, weather gadgets are becoming more powerful and portable with up-dated information delivered right to your phone.

We hope you have now a better idea of gifts to buy for your weather geeks.

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