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WeatherHawk WindMate WM-300 w/ Wind Direction & Relative Humidity

WeatherHawk WM-300 WindMate


  • $14999

Atmospheric conditions are a workplace safety and performance issue.


  • Wind Speed

  • Wind Direction

  • Temperature

  • Relative Humidity

  • Wind Chill

  • Comfort Index ( patented)

  • Digital Compass

  • Reports wind direction in both degrees and compass points

  • Calculates head, tail and cross wind

WeatherHawk Wind Meters - Features Comparison Chart | weatherstationary.comClick here (or the picture) to check the Features Comparison Chart for WeatherHawk Wind Meters.

Designed with professional and industrial workplace applications in mind, the WM-300 features a Lifetime calibrated, Swiss-made humidity sensor. Onboard software includes the patented Comfort Index™, which accounts for the effects of temperature, wind speed, relative humidity and sun intensity on the human body. The Comfort Index™ is recognized as a superior indication of human performance and work safety to the Heat Index. The unit features the useful jack knife form for ease of handling and safe storage.

Easy to read display and simple, menu-driven interface.

The WM-300 features a large display which uses actual text in place of confusing icons. Can be set for continuous display of vital data sets. The fluxgate compass can be used to take bearings of fixed objects, allowing triangulation of the user’s position and potential hazard spots. The backlit display allows use in low light conditions. Displays in multiple units to accommodate any reporting protocol.

Always be in touch with exact local conditions and how they will affect your job or activity. Learn a follow local weather trends with a 48 hour display featuring a Bar Graph or Numerical display. The unit automatically calculates crosswind, headwind, and tailwind.

Technical Specs


Model Name



5.5 x 1.75 x .75 (closed)

Special Features

  • Swiss Life-time calibrated Hygrometer
  • US made flux gate digital compass
  • Reads Air Temperature and Wind chill


3.4 oz (approx.)

Other Features

  • Wind speed range to 135Mph
  • Backlight
  • Cross & head/tail wind readings
  • Auto shutdown
  • Water Resistant

Average Rating



2 years





Wind Speed

0.8-89 MPH

                +/- 3%

Relative Humidity


                +/- 3%


5 to 122F

-5 to 50C

+/- 2%



+/- 2°

Wind Chill

-50 - +50 ˚ F

+/- 2%


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