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WM200 Hand Held Wind Meter

WeatherHawk WM-200 WindMate


  • $11950

A true sportsman’s weather instrument, know the conditions when performance matters.


  • Wind Speed

  • Wind Direction

  • Temperature

  • Wind Chill

  • Digital Compass

  • Calculates headwind, tailwind, and crosswind

WeatherHawk Wind Meters - Features Comparison Chart | weatherstationary.comClick here (or the picture) to check the Features Comparison Chart for WeatherHawk Wind Meters.

The addition of an American Made fluxgate compass along with the integral visual wind vane allows the user to measure the wind’s direction as well as its speed. Since the compass is vertically mounted in the device as a opposed to horizontally like most digital compasses, the WM-200 allows for bearing reading, making it an incredibly useful navigation tool for the coastal cruising. The addition of temperature sensing and Wind chill calculation make this a ‘Go To’ unit for sailors, shooters, flyers and environmental professionals.

Learn the current conditions and react for safety and maximum performance.

The very first hand-held wind meter with a built in compass, the WM-200 brings a new level of information to the field. The ability to take bearing readings from distant objects can be used for accurate location/navigation, without dependence upon GPS.

Sensitivity to extremely low wind speeds make the Weatherhawk wind meter a useful tool for environmental professionals and HVAC technicians, as well as outdoorsmen and Special Operators.

Technical Specs

Wind Mate

Model Name



5.5” x 1.75” x .75” closed

Special Features

  • Backlighted display
  • Cross & tail/head wind displays
  • Wind chill


3.2 oz with battery

More Features

  • Water resistant to 3 ft. Floats
  • Reports wind speed in degrees and compass points
  • Water resistant to 3 feet, floats
  • Displays temp in F of C, wind speed in Mph, km/h, kt, ft/min, m/s, BF (Beaufort)
  • Auto-shutdown for power saving
  • User replaceable CR2032 lithium battery
  • Impeller built with Swiss technology

Average Rating



2 years





Wind Speed

0.8-89 MPH

+/- 3%


5 to 122F

-5 to 50C

+/- 2%

Wind Chill

-50 - +50 F

+/- 2%

Wind Direction/Compass Accuracy


+/- 2%


To download / view the manual please click here

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