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WeatherHawk myMET Sport | weatherstationary

WeatherHawk myMET Sport


  • $4999

Possibly the easiest to carry and easiest to use handheld wind gauges on the market.


  •         Windspeed & Direction

  •         Altitude & Location

  •         Image with Embedded Data

  •         Easy to Use

  •         Free App 

Snap the myMET Sport into the 3.5 mm headphone jack on your mobile device and you can take weather observations anywhere. The bright red device is compact enough to fit in any pocket, and is actually easier to use than many full featured handheld wind gauges. This is because instead of being forced to read a tiny LCD, the Sport uses the screen and sensors of your mobile device to display data.

The reliability of simplicity.

The software that makes the myMET sport a useful instrument is downloadable from the Google App store or from the iTunes Store. Not only will you be able to read the wind data on your device, but you can share the data with others via email or SMS.

Rugged and reliable enough to be used as your primary wind speed gauge, the myMET Sport is inexpensive enough to keep on hand as a backup for your more sophisticated primary gauge.

Technical Specs

myMET Sport

Model Name

myMET Sport


91.5mm(L) x x 18.9mm(H)

Special Features

  • Compatible with iPhone and Android
  • Free App records altitude and location along with wind data
  • Apple-Compatible CTIA Headset/Earphone 3.5mm Jack (LRGM) pinout


20g (approx.)

Average Rating



2 years





Wind Speed

0.8-89 MPH

+/- 3%



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