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Oregon Scientific WMR300 Ultra-precision Professional Weather Station

Oregon Scientific

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Ultra Precise Professional Grade Readings in your own backyard.


  • Oregon Scientific offers optional NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) certification for sensor accuracy.

  • Large backlit LCD touch screen display unit

  • Forecast based on Barometric Pressure

  • Graphical display of up to 24 months of detailed weather data at a time

  • 300m (1000 ft) sensor transmission range

  • Customizable recording level allows user to specify how frequently data is generated

  • Data logger stores gathered data from three weeks to three years depending on the selected recording level

  • USB connection for uploading weather data to PC

  • Today and monthly min/max

  • High/low alert

  • Radio-controlled clock

Many home weather stations suffer accuracy problems because the sensors need to be mounted near structures or trees. The Oregon Scientific WMR300 Ultra Precision instrument suite has a wireless range of 300m (1000’!) so the instruments can be mounted on a dedicated pole far away from any interference, while you read the monitor the results from the comfort of your desk. The rain gauge, anemometer, temperature & humidity sensors and their transmitters are solar powered (with battery backup), so the readings will be consistent with little maintenance required.

Simple to set-up sensor suite and easy to read and informative base station

Enjoy accurate timekeeping as the unit aligns itself with the US Atomic Clock. The easy to read base station displays indoor and outdoor temperature & humidity, wind chill & heat index readings, UV Index, Wind direction and speed, weather prediction data, sunrise/sunset & moon phase, rainfall trends, barometric data and rainfall rates. The touch screen interface is simple to program.

Includes exclusive Weather OS Pro software, a highly intuitive, customizable PC interface which will allow you to upload, manage, analyze and share weather data. Connect with other weather observers on social media to coordinate data and study regional weather trends.

    Technical Specs

    Oregon Scientific Ultra Precision Wireless Professional Weather Center

    Model Name



    205 x 146 x 52.5 mm (Base Station Unit)

    Special Features

    • Sensors are Solar Powered with battery backup
    • Reads indoor and outdoor Air Temperature and Humidity
    • Includes self-emptying rain gauge
    • Computes and Displays Wind Chill and Heat Index
    • Intuitive Touch Screen Controls


    16.2 lbs (shipping weight)

    Other Features

    • Atomic Clock Accuracy
    • Sensors built to NIST-traceable standards
    • Self-tipping rain gauge reads rain rate, accumulated rainfall, past 24 hr rainfall and current rainfall in both mm and inches
    • Sturdy anemometer measures wind speed and direction up to 180 mph with 2mph accuracy
    • Simple Installation and set-up

    Average Rating



    1 year





    Indoor Temperature

    0°C to 60°C

    ±0.5°C (1°F)

    Outdoor Temperature

    –40°C to 65°C

    ±0.5°C (1°F)


    0% to 99%


    Wind Chill/ Heat Index

    –58 to 158°F (-50 to 70°C)

    Barometric Pressure

    20.67 to 31.01 inHg (700 to 1050 mb)

    ±10 mb/hPa

    Wind Speed

    0 to 80 m/s



    0 to 199.99 in


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