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Oregon Scientific WMR200a Wireless Advanced Pro Weather Center

Oregon Scientific

  • $30787

Know up-to-the-minute conditions at your location.


  • Displays Weather Forecast icons—Sunny, Partly Cloudy, Cloudy, Rainy or Snow

  • Displays current moon phase

  • Indoor and outdoor (up to 10 wireless sensors) temperature and humidity measurements

  • Measures temperature, humidity, wind chill, wind speed, wind direction, UV index (optional), barometric pressure and rainfall

  • Displays dew point, wind chill and heat index readings

  • Weather alert alarms for temperature, heat index, humidity, dew point, gust wind and rainfall rate

  • Automatically sets itself to the U.S. Atomic Clock

Your local news service can give you up to the minute reports of conditions at the local TV station, or perhaps the airport, but you need to know what is happening in the microclimate where you are. The base station of the Oregon Scientific WMR200A wirelessly reads the conditions from a sensor suite mounted within 300 ft, giving you data from up to ten sensors, including wind speed and direction.

Simple set up and can be interfaced with your computer.

The base station displays current weather conditions, moon phase, and precise time coordinated with the US Atomic Clock. Measures indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, as well as dew point, wind chill and heat index. Barometric pressure along with wind speed and direction allow for accurate amateur forecasting.

The base station display has battery backup, allowing it to be repositioned without losing data. Includes a 6’ usb cable to interface with your home computer to record data and observe weather trends. Readings in the data logger are time stamped.

 Technical Specs

Oregon Scientific Wireless Professional Weather Center

Model Name



12” x 25.5” x 5.25”

Special Features

  • Reads indoor and outdoor Air Temperature and Humidity
  • Includes self-emptying rain gauge
  • Computes and Displays Wind Chill
  • Optional Sensors include pool/spa temp and U/V Radiation
  • Touch Screen Controls


14 lbs (shipping weight)

Other Features

  • Atomic Clock Accuracy
  • Displays current moon phase
  • Indoor Thermometer/Hygrometer installed in Base Unit
  • Time stamp Data Logger
  • Includes AC adapter for base unit and batteries for sensors

Average Rating



1 year





Indoor Temperature

32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C)

±2°C (4°F)

Outdoor Temperature

–58 to 158°F (-50 to 70°C)

from -20 to 0°C is ±2°C (4°F); from 0 to 40°C is ±1°C (2°F); from 40 to 50°C is ±2°C (4°F); from 50 to 60°C is ±3°C (6°F)


2% to 98%

25 to 40% is ±7%; from 40 to 80% is ±5%; from 80 to 90% is ±7%

Wind Chill/ Heat Index

–58 to 158°F (-50 to 70°C)

Barometric Pressure

20.67 to 31.01 inHg (700 to 1050 mb)

±10 mb/hPa

Wind Speed

0 to 125 mph (0 to 56 m/s)



0 to 393.7 in (0 to 9999 mm)

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To download / view the manual please click here

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