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Beginner Weather Enthusiast

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"Since before mankind learned to walk upright, weather has affected everyone and everything. Weather watching is perhaps the oldest of the sciences, and it is still a very accessible one today."

The great naturalists and scientists during the Age of Enlightenment always made notes about the weather in their journals and diaries, and it is just as important to be aware of outdoor conditions in the age of smartphones and Twitter. No report from traditional media or a Web source is going to be as accurate or important than one you get from your personal weather station from WeatherStationary Weather Shop.

Truly local information accurately gathered from your own backyard has great value, but that value increases when you share it. One of the most impressive uses of social media is the growth of personal weather station networks. The data gathered by these networks is used by the NOAA and other government agencies to predict violent weather and increase public safety. Bundle now and save 15% ! 


Long Distance Shooter

Weather Shop - Long Distance Shooter - WeatherStationary

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"Ballistics: The science of mechanics which deals with the launching, flight, behavior, and effects of projectiles, especially bullets."

In the art of riflery, after safety, there is no greater virtue than accuracy. The ability of a rifleman to place his bullet on target each and every time he pulls the trigger depends upon more than dumb luck, it is a combination of practiced skill and science.

As range increases, the weather, the atmospheric conditions through which the bullet flies, has more than a negligible effect on the accuracy of the shot. The long-distance marksman needs to take every advantage he can get before the projectile goes downrange, and that includes taking advantage of weather instruments from WeatherStationary Weather Shop.

Take the time to set up, communicate and make conditions for the shot the best you can, because once you pull the trigger, you cannot take it back. Buy now and save 15% !


Small Boat Sailor

Weather Shop - Small Boat Sailor - WeatherStationary

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“Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.”

One of the greatest experiences in life is spending a sunny afternoon afloat with your family, especially when you are in command of your own boat. Few experiences will bring a better appreciation of nature and the real world than spending time on the water.

Boating is a generally a very safe activity, there are few family pastimes which have a longer tradition of considering safety than small boat navigation. Safety begins with being aware of the conditions your boat is operating in, and the condition which will have the greatest impact on the comfort and safety of your crew will be the weather.

No matter where you sail, whether on an inland lake or the open ocean, using instrumentation from WeatherStationary Weather Shop will make your voyages safer and more fun. Bundle now and save 15% !


Casual Gardener

Weather Shop - Casual Gardener - Weather Stationary

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"As gardeners, our goal is to make conditions comfortable as we can for our green and rooted friends."

Unfortunately, our gardens are outside where it can be difficult to control conditions. However, with modern weather monitoring equipment from WeatherStationary Weather Shop, you can understand, communicate and keep track of changing conditions in our garden, even when you are busy taking care of your inside life.

Everyone talks about the weather, but no one ever does anything about it. Having an understanding and clear picture of the conditions at your home means that you can react and take the best care of your plants.

For gardeners, one of the best ways to use weather instruments is to monitor your irrigations schedule. We select our garden plants to be hardy enough to survive a variety of conditions, but when we track the rainfall our garden gets, we can irrigate so that they thrive with exactly the amount of water they need. Bundle now and save 15% !


 Wine Aficionado

aaBundle now and save 15% ! "The mystery for those who are new to wines is how there can be so many to choose from and what makes each wine different from the bottle next to it?"A visit to the wine aisle at your local mega-mart will leave the uninitiated with one deep and indelible impression: there are a lot of different wines to choose from! 

Wine aficionados have an appreciation for the concept of terroir which is a French term that means "the land". If you took two cuttings from the same grape vine and cultivated one in California and the other in France, there would be a noticeable difference from the two different wines because of where the grapes were grown. The weather from year to year also affects terroir. One summer, the weather could be incredibly friendly to the grapes of a certain region, and that year's wines will be in demand. The next, it could be so hot that the grapes ripen too quickly to develop their best flavor. Bundle now and save 15% !

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