WeatherHawk 232 Direct Connect "Signature Series" Cabled

Monitor conditions by wiring the weather station directly to any Windows PC.


  • Includes software with storage of 32,000 data points

  • Integrated unit for simple installation

  • Designed for permanent installation or use as a portable weather station

  • Figures Wind chill and heat index

  • Onboard rechargeable 0.8 AH Lead Acid Battery Power Source, Solar Optional

Designed for resource managers, home owners, students and educators, agricultural and forestry professionals and home automation protocols. Goes from shipping box to collecting and monitoring weather conditions in minutes. Just mount the unit on a post or tripod, install the software on your computer, and attach the cable from the unit to the computer. The WeatherHawk 232 Weather Station is constructed from industrial grade components so it is appropriate for permanent installation or to be used as a highly accurate and full featured unit in the field.

Simple set up, accurate and easy to display and share data.

The unit automatically begins measuring data from the sensors and stores the data points in an on-board data logger before transmitting to the PC. Power is supplied by a rechargeable battery pack with an optional solar charger. Software is compatible with 32-bit Window OS, data can be shared via an Internet connection.

Industrial grade sensors include 360˚ mechanical wind vane, three-cup anemometer, “tipping bucket” rain gauge, thermistor air temperature sensor, temperature corrected precision humidity indicator and silicon pyranometer solar radiation gauge. Software calculates heat index, dew point and wind chill.


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