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Davis Vantage Vue 6250 - Fully Integrated WiFi Weather Station

Davis Instruments

  • $39900

Accurate, reliable weather monitoring in a Sleek but Tough unit. 


  • Contains Integrated Sensor Suite (ISS #6357) & LCD Console (#6351)

  • Frequency-hopping radio technology

  • Inside & Outside Humidity

  • Dew Point

  • Long Range Wireless Transmission

  • Integrated Sensor Suite (ISS #6357) & LCD Console (#6351)

  • “This Time Yesterday” Display Feature

  • Numeric and Graphical Interface

  • Don't forget to add to your order tripod-7716 or mounting pole-7717  - these are NOT included in the package.


The Vantage Vue is designed for fast and easy installation so that you can be transmitting data to the easy to read Console in minutes. The corrosion-proof sensor suite can take whatever the elements at your site can dish out, from the most blistering summer sun to the deepest cold of winter, and the low profile design helps to minimize the visual impact so that the station is an attractive addition to the landscape.

Self-contained, set up in minutes.

With a wireless range of 300m (1000’), finding an optimum placement for the sensor suite is not a problem. The wireless system uses a frequency-hopping technology which helps to ensure that communication between the sensors and base station is uninterrupted. Since the sensors are integrated, it is an ideal unit for scientific field work, and the transmission range can be extended using optional AC or solar powered Long-Range repeaters.

The Integrated Sensor Suite includes an installed bubble level to aid in accurate installation and better data collection. The console has several display options, including a “This Time Yesterday” and “Change in Weather Since Yesterday” feature, and graphical display which can be configured several different ways.

Technical Specs

Vantage Vue Fully Integrated Weather Station

Model Name

Vantage Vue


ISS- 12.95”x5.75”x13.40”

Console- 7.5”x7.0”x3.0” (Wall Mounted)

Special Features

  • Weatherproof/Corrosion-resistant housing
  • Updates every 2.5 seconds
  • 1000’ (300m) Wireless Transmission range
  • Storm Warning
  • Flash Flood Warning
  • 24-hour Rain Alarm
  • High Wind Speed Alarm


ISS- 5.44lbs

Console (with batteries)- 1.48lbs

Other Features

  • Backlit LCD Screen
  • Solar Panel mounted on ISS
  • “Tipping Bucket” rain gauge
  • Tracks 8 Moon phases
  • Glow in the dark, user friendly keypad
  • 22 Alarm Options
  • Sunrise & Sunset

Average Rating



1 Year




Indoor Temperature

+32°F to +140°F

± 1°F

Outdoor Temperature

–40°F to +150°C

± 1°F above +20°F, ± 2°F below +20°F


1 to 100% RH


Wind Chill/ Heat Index

–40° to 165°F


Barometric Pressure

16.00” to 32.50” Hg

±3” Hg

Wind Speed

2 to 180 mph

±2 mph


0 to 199.99”, 0 to 40”/hr



Learn how to Install the unit by watching this VIDEO.

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Vantage Vue ISS Manual click here . Watch VIDEO.

Vantage Vue Quick Reference Guide click here

Vantage Vue Wireless Console Manual click here. Watch VIDEO.

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