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Davis Vantage Pro2 6152 - Wireless Weather Station

Davis Instruments

  • $59500

Professional Grade Weather Data Collection and Predictions with or without PC. 


  • Newest Model (2015) with  Upgraded temperature/humidity sensor (Only for the Vantage Pro2 Line)
  • Integrated Sensors with 40’ Anemometer Cable
  • Large, Backlit 3.5”x6” Display Screen

  • Line-of-Sight Wireless Range 1000’ (300m)

  • Solar Powered Integrated Sensor Suite includes Temp and Humidity, Anemometer and Rain Collector with Self Emptying Bucket

  • Add Optional Sensors for UV Radiation, Soil Moisture, Advanced Data Logging, Additional Temp/Humidity Stations and more

  • Enhanced stronger wind cups are wind-tunnel tested to 180 mph

  • Hopping frequency spectrum of 902 to 928 MHz

  • Expandable weather station compatible with up to eight different sensors

  • Don't forget to add to your order tripod-7716 or mounting pole-7717  - these are NOT included in the package.

Whether you are a in an industry where your life and livelihood depends upon accurate weather monitoring or a weather hobbyist who wants the highest grade professional weather station, the Vantage Pro2 will exceed your standards and expectation. The Integrated Sensor Suite features passive and a 24-hour fan aspirated radiation shield and solar panels for years of reliable and trouble-free service. Multiple mounting options and a 40’ anemometer cable allow optimal siting choices.

Versatility tailored to your needs.

 The Vantage Pro2 is rated with a 1000’ (300m) line-of-site transmission range, which is easily expandable with the addition of a long-range wireless repeater. Leaf & Soil moisture/temperature sensors are available for agricultural applications, and multiple consoles can receive data from a single ISS. The lower priced Vantage Vue console can be used as a secondary base station, and several users can take advantage of a single station.

The Vantage Pro2 Console features an easy to read wind rose, graphical display for the last 24 hours, days, weeks or months (80+ graph options), a ticker-tape display with more than 100 different messages and more than 70 alarm settings. Display and menus are managed with easy to use instinctive control keys.

Technical Specs


Vantage Pro2 Fully Integrated Weather Station

Model Name

Vantage Pro2


ISS (Not including anemometer)- 14.0”x9.4”x14.5”

Console- 9.63”x6.125”x1.625”

Special Features

  • Highly Customizable for Individual Applications
  • Forecast Updates Hourly
  • 40’ Anemometer Cable
  • Passive and Fan-Assisted Radiation protections
  • 1000’ (300m) Wireless Transmission range


Console (with batteries)- 1.88lbs


Weight- 11.4lbs

Other Features

  • Digital and Graphic Display including Wind rose
  • Ticker-tape display with more than 100 messages
  • Add multiple display consoles with main console retransmit feature and upload data to PC and Internet with included software
  • 12 hour Forecast icons and 24/48 hour Ticker-tape forecast

Average Rating



1 Year



Learn how to maintain your weather station - watch this VIDEO.

Vantage Pro2 Console Manual click here

Vantage Pro2 Quick Reference Guide click here

Rain Collector Installation Manual click here

Vantage Pro2 Temperature/Humidity Sensor Replacement Kit click here

Vantage Pro2 Integrated Sensor Suite Installation Manual click here

Vantage Pro2 Wireless Specification Sheet click here

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