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What is the Coolest Gift for This Year?

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Everyone loves to receive new Tech for Christmas, and the Coolest Tech gives you something worth sharing on your social media. There are dozens of ways to update your location, tell about your shopping experience, or snap and share another picture. But when you come right down to it, all another Selfie tells your friends is that you brought your phone but you were having too much fun to call them…

Everyone Talks About the Weather…

Being able to share accurate weather data does not seem as exciting as sharing a snapshot.

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? If you are going to use real words in a social media post, it is likely that many of those words are going to be about how nasty or how nice the weather is.

Weather is universal, it affects everyone and we can all relate to it. Think about your real-life social encounters, if you meet someone for the first time and don’t know if you have anything in common, what is the one topic you can always talk about? It is not your Fantasy Football team…

The Most "Social" Social Networks

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Before the Internet became a place to share cute cat videos and pictures of the really great pancakes you had for breakfast, it was a place for sharing important information. That spirit lives on with Personal Weather Station Networks. PWSNs link the data from hundreds, even thousands of personal weather stations across the country and around the world. By combining the data provided by this community of amateur scientists, forecasts ofunprecedented accuracy and timeliness are possible.

All you need to join a PWSN is a stable Internet connection and a reliable, automated personal weather station like the Davis Instruments Vantage Vue.

Reliable Wireless Technology

The Integrated Sensor Suite of the Vantage Vue is housed in a rugged, attractive, black and white one piece unit. It needs to be mounted in a location where it gets full exposure to the weather and can be aligned with True North, and the single unit construction makes this simple. The solar backup power means it is reliable and worry free once it is installed, and the 1000’ transmission range allows significant freedom in installation choices.

The data displayed on the LCD base station provides an easy to understand picture of current conditions as well as a running record of past trends, which is very useful for gardening and landscaping, as well as telling you whether you will want a sweater for your evening walk.

Take the Weather with You

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A personal weather station will do a reading of local conditions at home, and PWSNs give conditions at specific locations, but what about the weather where you want to go out and play?

It doesn’t matter if you go outside to play golf, hike through the mountain, windsurf, picnic, paraglide, B.A.S.E. jump or birdwatch, current weather conditions at your location have a direct bearing on the success of your adventure.

The WeatherHawk WM-350 is a fully-functional weather station that you can carry in your pocket. In an instant, you can get an up-to-date using it as an instrument to measure wind speed, direction, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind chill or heat index, altitude, and air density, all from a handy device that fits in your pocket.

The Vantage Vue and the WM-350, along with other portable wind meters, weather measuring instruments , are available on our discount Weather Shop. However, even if you stick to your initial choice, don't forget to take your eyes from that tiny screen and go outdoors. Nature is amazing!

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