Best Weather App for iPhone (2020)

Although the iPhone comes with a basic weather app that forecasts weather changes, sometimes it is not enough. An app for beginners is a good option, but having a perfect weather app that can predict the weather in the real sense is a gift to your iPhone. 


Checking live weather updates on your iPhone with a clear display and accurate data is a blessing in itself, especially for those people who rely heavily on weather changes. For instance, a farmer who works on the day in the field needs to get first-hand information about the weather to make individual decisions.


A weather app that comes pre-installed on the iPhone is free, but do not expect it from every app available on the App Store. Many apps on the App Store are not free, but a little payment for an expensive experience is nothing no money wasted. 

Here are the top weather apps that you can download from the App Store for iPhone. 


1 of 10: Dark Sky – Best Weather App for iPhone Overall


Dark Sky is one of the most renowned apps of the Apple Store that is pro in delivering minute-by-minute weather updates. The app uses its weather service that ensures accurate weather information for the day. The app comes with an excellent interface that lets the users get the best experience. Along with it, Dark Sky sends alerts to users in case there is a weather emergency. Dark Sky is indeed the best weather app for the iPhone; however, the app will cost you about $3.99, making it a little expensive option. 


Dark sky weather app for iphone


Pros & Cons

  • Intuitive app with an attractive design

  •  Shows correct weather predictions

  •  Great maps 

  • Data does not update very quickly 

  • Often shows different predictions on Android and iOS devices


Dark Sky is the first name that comes first on anyone’s mind as the best weather app. It is a must-have in your iPhone.



2 of 10: The Weather Channel – Most Popular Weather App

It’s impossible not to mention Weather Channel when you are writing a review on the best weather apps. Even though this app has a simple interface, but it will still give out such detailed information about weather changes. The Weather Channel is one of the best local weather apps that shows hourly, daily, and 15-days weather predictions. It also indicates forecast to inform users about recent weather uptakes. You can download Weather Channel for free with ads. You can remove these ads by making an in-app purchase of $4.


The Weather Channel for iphone


Pros & Cons

  • Great design and user interface

  • Detailed forecast

  • Apple Watch integration

  • Advertisements

  • Takes much scrolling

  • Lack of customizability


The Weather Channel is a good app, but considering such standard features, $4 is a lot for the app. It would be one of the best weather apps only if it was free or for $1 only.



3 of 10: NOAA Official Shortcut for iPhone – Most Accurate

Coming directly from the National Weather Service, what else anyone would want for accurate weather predictions? NOAA is not available in the Apple Store, but you can get NOAA shortcut on your smartphone without any hassle. You have to visit and add the shortcut. It shows the most accurate weather alerts and is free!

Also, check out Weather Live from Apalon that offers a weather tracker right in your palm. A map is integrated into the app that predicts National Weather Service alerts, warnings, and watches on the device. This weather app is a hub of perfect weather predictions. The app is free with some in-app purchases. Do check it out!


NOAA weather radar


Pros & Cons

  • Authentic weather updates 

  • Fast updates about weather severity

  • News Feed

  • Not pleasing interface

  • Suitable for severe weather warnings only

NOAA is the most trustworthy app, but it does not have much of an eye-pleasing interface. Although you can download Apalon’s version of NOAA weather updates that will require some in-app purchases.



4 of 10: Yahoo Weather – Free with no Ads

Are you looking for the best free weather app for the iPhone? Yahoo Weather is the answer for you. It has an incredible design, Yahoo weather app shows great weather predictions, but with some limitations. Note that, Yahoo weather app is ad-free, so you do not have to worry about wasting your time on ads anymore. Yahoo weather app is free, so enjoy using it. 


yahoo weather for iphone


Pros & Cons

  • Advertisement free

  • Amazing design

  • Images from Flickr

  • Can be slow at times

  • Few radar options


Yahoo Weather is the best app that anyone can use on their iPhone. Its beautiful design is a must-check for everyone.


5 of 10: Storm Radar – Emergency Alerts

Storm Radar is the best severe weather app for both iPhone and Android users, built by The Weather Channel. You can know exactly where the storm is, thanks to the fantastic and detailed weather information predicted by the app. You can see the whole forecast on your fingertips from where the storm is moving to and how it is moving. You can download this premium weather app free of cost from the App store, but it will come with ads. It takes only $1 to make the app ad-free. 


Storm radar for iphone


Pros & Cons

  • Feasibility to check the hurricane moving

  • Detailed information about the hurricane

  • Operates smoothly

  • Upgrade is required 

  • The app is not ad-free

  • Some features require payment


Good app to get quick information about the hurricane coming your way. If you live in an area where storms are frequent, then this app will be good for you.


6 of 10: MyRadar – Weather Radar

My Radar is a great yet simple weather app that shows extraordinary information about the weather around you. You can get instant updates about the changing weather conditions with the help of an animated live radar. The app is not free and costs about $24.95 for iPhone users.


MyRadar weather radar


Pros & Cons

  • Quick updates

  • Detailed weather updates

  • Animated live radar

  • Expensive

  • Not for beginners


Try out this app only if you understand how radar works. Paying so much for something you do not know about is a waste of money!


7 of 10: Haze – Beautifully Designed

Among the best-designed weather apps such as Solar, Dark Sky & others – Haze stands at the top. Haze is a beautiful design weather app for iPhone that shows a 5-day forecast along with the information related to rain, temperature, or others. If you want to get the best audiovisual experience, then Haze is undoubtedly the best option for you. It is a standard app with no extraordinary features, but it is still enough to get maximum information on the weather. Haze is not free, but you can get the app on your iPhone at a minimal cost of $0.99.  


Haze weather app


Pros & Cons

  • Amazing design

  • Simple and user-friendly

  • Quick forecasts

  • No radar

  • No hourly forecasts


Haze is a good option if you want something colorful and attractive, but not adequate for intense weather updates.


8 of 10: iOS Native App – Best for Screen Lock or as a Widget

If you want a free weather app with no ads whatsoever, then Apple’s native app is an excellent option to consider. Apple’s built-in weather app comes with an appealing widget that shows weather predictions for every hour of the day. This app takes data from The Weather Channel and does not have a live weather radar to give accurate predictions. Note that, iOS native app is the best weather widget that you can get on your iPhone. Despite some lacks in the app, it is still one of the best weather apps for the iPhone.  


ios native weather app


Pros & Cons

  • User-friendly

  • Good widget 

  • Hourly updates

  • No radar


Best for regular weather updates, but don’t expect more from the app.


9 of 10: RadarScope – Best for Advanced Users & Weather Enthusiasts

Are you a serious weather enthusiast? If you are, then the RadarScope will be the best investment you will make. It is the best-paid weather app for iPhone that comes with detailed information about weather updates. Rating this app, the most accurate weather app would not be wrong. If you want a powerful weather tracking app on your iPhone, then the RadarScope is the best option for you.  You can download this app for $9.99 with further in-app purchases.


radarscope weather app for iphone


Pros & Cons

  • Radar data with great resolution

  • NEXRAD and TDWR data 

  • Intensive details of severe weather conditions

  • Expensive


Only buy this app if you know what is Coefficient, velocity. The app is not for beginners.


10 of 10: Air Quality by Plume Labs – Best for Allergy Alerts & Outdoorsman

Do you like to go out for a run or a walk? What time will be the best for it? Many questions come to your mind considering the weather. Air Quality gives the best weather app alerts about the air quality outside. This app also indicates air pollution levels for every hour with this app. The app is free for iPhone with no ads. 


Air Quality by Plume Labs


Pros & Cons

  • Adequate regular air pollution updates

  • Free app

  • No intense weather updates


If you love going out every day, then you can avoid bad weather days with this update. Best for regular use.

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